The Pathetic History of Dan Hibiki

If you've been a Street Fighter fan during the last 10 years, you already know his trademarks: the weeping, the tiny fireballs, the pink gi, the tendency to scream a lot for no reason. Dan Hibiki is the Rodney Dangerfield of Street Fighter, respected by none but beloved by most, and over the years he's gone from an obscure gag character to one of the series' most enduring fan favorites. His goofy mannerisms are hard not to like, and if you can win using his weaksauce moves, you know you're good.

At first glance, Dan is nothing more than a crappy version of Ryu or Ken; kind of like an anti-Akuma. His fists lack any real power, his flashiest move is a super-taunt and nothing, but nothing, is more humiliating than being defeated by one of the piddly little fireballs that whiff out of existence mere inches from his hand.

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Foxgod3503d ago

Oh man, i gave Seth such an asswooping with Dan the other day, it was hilarious.
My previous attemts where with Guile, Ryu, Sakura and Chun li, and i got owned quite a few times by Seth.

I did not expect that when i faced him with Dan i was gonna Whoop Seth's ass with a near double perfect, i lolled.

Dan Rocks!!! :D

Rob0g0rilla3503d ago

I never liked playing as him though.

perils3502d ago

I liked his special in sf alpha 3 where he just rolls about shouting and waving his fist. it does no damage and if i remember it uses up the whole special bar! dan IS the man yes.

Jamegohanssj53502d ago

Even though Street Fighter sucks. Dan & M. Bison > All.