Save Points: PS3 Demo Impressions - Ryu Ga Gotoku 3

The Save Points writes: "The demo is unassumingly large, surprisingly so. At 1.2Gb, you'd be forgiven for thinking this demo would be about as large as the demos for either Killzone 2 or Resident Evil 5. But you can breathe easy, because this demo is far larger. The demo is so impressive in size, in fact, that you may even find things many others have missed. Anyway, onto the good stuff…"

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edwineverready3504d ago

I played yakuza1 on ps2 and loved it. The one that was on ps3 which was in ancient times was not cool. this one is like one and i want it.

meepmoopmeep3504d ago

create a JPN account and try it out.
it's pretty fun.

i'm not the biggest fan of this genre but yeah, i had a fun time so far.
the ancient one Y2 i think, was really weird.