Best Buy, UIA, and EA team up for kids' "Invent A Game" contest

Do your kids like video games? Chances are, they my have drawn up a couple ideas of their own for new titles - which, up until now, would have stood very little chance of ever turning into a real product. But thanks to a team-up between Best Buy, EA, and the United Inventors Association, kids now have a unique opportunity to see their ideas made into gaming reality.

The three companies are co-sponsoring a contest called Invent A Game, which "challenges kids between 5 and 19 to come up with original, quirky and ground breaking ideas for an online game." Winners will recieve a $10,000 savings bond and have their game produced by EA. Entrants living in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia also stand to win a $1000 savings bond and a $100 Best Buy gift card if their submission is ranked as #1 in their state. The deadline for entries is March 31st. In addition, there's another contest called Game Active which encourages entrants to share their stories of games inspiring them to become healthy and improve fitness. Selected stories will be featured on Best Buy's website.

Thanks to Mom for the news tip!

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