A New Earthworm Jim Game?

Everyone who owned a 16-Bit system remembers the Earthworm Jim series and it seems that the wormy wonder is to make a comeback. Speaking to Pro-G during an interview at GDC, David Perry (Shiny Entertainment founder) hinted at what lies ahead for the abnormal action hero and his 'Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit'.

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giovonni4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

If any body knows this game like I do. I hope to god, if it does come out. It's not as hard as the first two, damn!

4301d ago
Keyser4301d ago

A new Earthworm Jim would be of very little interest to me...kind of like when it first came out. I still think it should come out though, for those of you who haven't experienced or enjoy it.