Sprint loses another 1.3 million customers

There was good news and bad news in Sprint Nextel's fourth-quarter earnings report on Thursday. But mostly it was bad.

First, the good news: Sprint narrowed its losses considerably, compared with a year earlier. For the fourth quarter, Sprint lost $1.62 billion, or 57 cents a share. This is certainly better than the $29.45 billion, or a whopping $10.36 a share, it lost during the fourth quarter of 2007.

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kparks3583d ago

I had verizon and now i have sprint and i like the sprint service and customer support alot better then verizon and sprint TV OWNS vcast i got the unlimited everything plan for $99 a month so i have no overages at all no matter what i do my bill is the same every month i get tv and i watch that alot the sprint gps is really nice didnt think i would use it but its in the plan and ive had to use it several times way better then mapquest lol unlimited text and pic mail. and got unlimited DC from nextel i got the motorola renegade V950 phone its like a juiced up razor witch i like and is a vary nice rugged phone check it out! to get this kind of service with verizon or tmobile im looking at about $145 a MONTH

ThanatosDMC3583d ago

Wow, $99 a month? I have unlimited everything except web browsing and i pay $59.99 + tax a month. T-mobile.

Graphics Whore3583d ago

No matter who you hate, you have to look at phone companies as the absolute worst and if you work for a phone company, it's best not to say anything.

Bnet3433583d ago

I actually agree with you on something for once. I mean I do not know how cell phone companies outside of Unites States do, but jesus christ you get butt raped by any provider here. I mean, the contracts, hidden fees, crappy signals, etc. The list goes on and on. I swear the phucking worst, that's why I sort of chuckle at people complaining about Xbox Live that it's $50 a year, when I pay $90 a MONTH for using a cell phone.

Blasphemy3583d ago

Agreed that's why I don't have a cell phone. LOL

plain rice3583d ago

I thought everyone had cellphones these days. Heck, I can't leave the house without one. LOL. How do you get in touch with your friends, family, and/or co-workers when you're on the go? Cell phones are way important if you ask me. If I had to choose online gaming over cellphones, I'd pick having a cellphone in a heartbeat.

kparks3583d ago

well i think cell phones are a lil more important then gaming online and thats $50 a year you could be paying your cell phone bill off with LOL and thats why i got the $99 plan cuz there is no hidden fees with THAT sprint plan so i dont have to worry about my minutes or anything

shikwan3583d ago

What do you do carry a pay phone on your back?

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VMAN_013583d ago

Heard of telegrams? There still popular man

ThanatosDMC3583d ago

HAHAHH! Cant believe someone disagreed with you.

tplarkin73583d ago

It's easy to accuse cell phone companies of overcharging, but what do we know of satellite or radio tower costs?

Mutley4163583d ago

i`m the opposite, I believe Cell phones are just a pain in the ass, I have a Internet phone ,Email, work Phones, IM`s, PM`s, and a ton of other ways to get a hold of me...I spend 0 dollars on Cell Phones, and justify it with Large screen TV`s(3)/High end PC`s/Lap Tops(2)All the Major Consoles/Games...And of coarse high speed internet.

Sorry you cant reach me in the car or When I`m shopping for Electronics...:( just leave me a message...

Me and my Lady used to Spend close to 200+$ a month...Let me tell you I don`t miss them- I do like my sisters Iphone!!! maybe when I make 6 figures a year-

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