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"Amidst all of the media clamour and in between a shockingly strong February line up of triple A titles, you might have completely missed a short news bit"

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SpoonyRedMage3503d ago

I agree, before now Region differences were a necessity on home consoles because TVs were different in the different regions(I think so anyway) but now everything should be region free.

Cajun Chicken3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Still the case with some TVs and regions. Still to this day, I hate the fact I never had a chance to play Metal Wolf Chaos on XBOX.

You have to admit. If there was one big thing Sony did this gen so far (and on the PSP with UMD games) that would be region free bluray format games. Heck, even oversea PSN and PSone games work if you download them.
Once I broke my UTIII PS3 disc due to pressure on the box and I quickly went on Amazon and found an secondhand USA version of the game for about £10, fantastic.

I'm glad for MS to follow in the path and the fact I could possibly import EDF 2 if this gets taken forward more and it ever gets made.

I mean, PC games are region free, why limit consoles...seriously, what's the risk? people still buy copies.

SpoonyRedMage3503d ago

There is only one flaw, more people will import them than buying domestically and some people don't import.

Chrono Trigger DS, which was in high demand, didn't even chart here in the UK(most people had imported it) but I don't import(may start though) and SE may look at the domestic sales and think it's not worth putting games in Europe(like they used to) which will restrict people that don't import.

But yeah probably the one thing I think Sony undisputedly did right this generation and I'd be glad if pretty much everything was region free(although more and more online stuff is being made region specific like on the DSi).

Cajun Chicken3503d ago

True. But that's what happens if people faff about with the dates too long compared to Japan and US releases. A bit like the stupid SSF2:HD thing recently. I can't believe the delay for that.
Hopefully with Killzone 2 all PS3 games'll come out the same time in EU as US in the future. I ain't going to be happy if I have to wait over 3 months to get Infamous and Uncharted 2, I'll simply, import.

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mastiffchild3503d ago

We're damned if we do and damned if we don't in Europe I'm afraid. Also when I've imported(admittedly viaq Ebay) I've twice been sold empty cases by shysters(gah!). But the thing is true about if we don't buy enough copies at retail we run the risk of less companies bringing their games this far west in future.
Whioch brings me to my theory that the quickest way for smarting SE fans to get a playable FF13 is definitely to learn some Japanese-gotta be quicker than waiting for a Euro release hasn't it? You could use Yakuza3 as practise as well!

Graphics Whore3503d ago

They need western localization on Japanese games, how is this not mandatory yet?

SpoonyRedMage3503d ago

Well do we translate all western games into Japanese during development?

I don't region free helps with regards to Japan much(as they do need to be localised) but it means we can get the American releases(although most games have been released a couple of days after there NA release now).