CSM: Flower Review


"What's more, the graphics are stunning. In the later moments of most stages there are hundreds -- perhaps even a thousand-colorful flower petals moving through the air at any given time. And when you send your breeze low to the ground it will push aside hundreds of individual blades of grass in rapid succession, creating an effect not dissimilar to a comb moving through a huge pile of silky smooth hair. Simply put, there's little else in the world of games quite like Flower. Floating over the countryside surrounded by flickering dabs of color is a unique experience, and one that open-minded gamers will carry with them for years after playing."

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SeanScythe3503d ago

The only part of this game I hate is the Pure trophy. It will make you so pissed because you get all the way to the last few flowers needed only to get hit and have to start the level over. It wouldn't be so bad if it was the fact that it's very time consuming because you have to go slow.