Kotaku: Afro Samurai Review: Hip Hop Hack and Slash

Kotaku: "Hip-hop sensibilities and anime style clash in Afro Samurai, a hack and slash brawler based on the cult-hit animated television series.

Afro Samurai follows the story of Afro, a samurai on a life-long quest to avenge his father's death, set against the backdrop of a futuristic feudal Japan, where traditional Japanese sensibilities mingle with hip-hop culture. The game loosely follows the storyline from the animated series, following the Samuel L. Jackson-voiced Afro as he travels the land encountering interesting new people, generally killing them in spectacularly bloody fashion.

Afro Samurai is Namco Bandai's first release under their Surge publishing brand, geared at releasing games that appeal to the western world's particular palette. Is Afro Samurai a game fit to launch a new label?"

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