Alan Wake Plot Reveal

One thing is certain. Alan Wake the horror novelist leans heavily on his copy editor. On Remedy's official Alan Wake forums, the community manager posted some text taken from the long-awaited horror game. The post is a positive sign that Alan Wake is still on the way.

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meepmoopmeep3500d ago

nice, damn finally more info on this game

Blademask3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

come on keep it comin remedy.. cant wait to play this one.. I hope it offers a deep serious Single Player like MP.. god please.

meepmoopmeep3499d ago


it should, the plot sounds awesome.
i doubt there will be any multiplayer in the game.

but yeah, hopefully they'll show the gameplay at least by E3

kalel1143499d ago

He is referring to Max Payne not multiplayer.

Blademask3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

So Its rare to have an amazing Single Player Story driven game, like MP(Max Payne, not Multiplayer).

If you played Max Payne you would understand how amazing that game was, it was like playing a friggen movie. The narration was gr.. EVERYTHING was great. One of the best games ever played in my life. I hope they sacrifice nothing in order to turn a buck. I doubt they understood what they had with Max Payne at the time, but it was a glorious game.

Not 100% sure what you mean about being worried? The two comments ahead of you were talking about looking forward/pumped up for the game...

Elven63499d ago

Interesting, I have a hunch about what the basis of this game might be and this kind of aids it.

Bnet3433499d ago

Alan Wake ... wake me up when it comes out har har. In all seriousness, I was never hyped for this game. I need to see what it is first ...

Mikerra173499d ago

the first screens I seen of this game looked great (back then) but now they look commonplace I hope they make it better

BattleAxe3499d ago

Good, now that they have the story written, maybe they can start writing some code for the game.

Willio3499d ago

Looks like Alone in the Dark to me.

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ape0073500d ago


im so pumped about this game

I trust remedy,an excellent game studio

VMAN_013499d ago

Makers of MP 1 and 2 can't go wrong definteley picking this up on my PC.

reincarnated3499d ago

there still making this game? haven't heard much info on it for a while

TheColbertinator3499d ago

I need a little more than this :( .Those DX 10 screenshots hopefully show up soon for the PC version

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The story is too old to be commented.