Did Nintendo Have No Choice But To Go Casual?

"The Wii is a phenomenon. There is no doubt about this. Every man and his dog have one and Nintendo have established themselves as runaway leaders in terms of sales this generation. The Wii is a great console with its brilliant innovative design and has some great titles to boot. But one of the few negative aspects that Nintendo has been labeled with this generation is that they have abandoned their core loyalists and sold out to the casual market."

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ape0073557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

rare's absence at that time(goldeneyey 007,perfect dark,you know,it's rare),also lack of big 3rd party games(gta for example and lot others) and the lack of online play is reasons why game cube wasn't very successful

they decide to go casual

gamecube was one amazing console,star wars:rough squadron 2,resi 4,smash,sunshind,eternal darkness,mp,mk:dd and more

gamecube has classic games,I love it but they all were few and far between

Chris3993557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

And making games that I will actually want to play :)

I've always been a PS3/ 360 graphics slut, but I finally caved a few weeks ago and got a Wii.

It's a really well thought out system, though the online component needs to be worked on - severely. Oh, and the controller really makes the console. It is unusually comfortable, I can have my arms in any position (not flailing, as I don't really play those games) while I am gaming, which is nice.

Games that I am playing or that are upcomming that swayed my opinion:

-Tenchu 4
- Tales of Symphonia 2 (there's a Tales of Legendia sequel comming to the Wii as well, and I tremendously enjoyed the first one).
- No More Heroes
- Madworld
- Muramasa (from the makers of Odin Sphere - looks incredible)
- Arc Rise Fantasia (very excited about this)
- Valhalla Knights Wii (actually looks decent, unlike the PSP versions, sort of a dynasty warriors/ Drakengard cross)
- Dragon Quest X

Something that I also like is that because of the shorter development cycles, I will probably be playing all of these games within the year.

Anyhow, sorry for the ramble, but give the Wii a chance. It's a decent system (now), and becoming a little more appealing to the hardcore each day. I can put up with all the EA/ Ubisoft/ Activision shovelware so long as they keep bringing out titles like the aforementioned for me to enjoy.

ape0073557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

wii have some very few truly go hardcre games and they are unique

mad world,conduit,okami wii,house of the dead

the prblem is with wii that the games are so few and so faaaar betwen them

ChickeyCantor3557d ago

" the prblem is with wii that the games are so few and so faaaar betwen them "
If you support them we will see more of them, its simple logic.

ape0073557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

yes of course I'll support them

mario galaxyis is perhaps the best game in gen imo,mad world looks fantastic as well as conduit

but you know mos of the time,I just leave my wii standing cause you know,doesn't have lots of games,most games are casual games,you know everything,most time I play is on 360\ps3(ps3 more now cause I GOT KILLZONE 2!!IT'S AWESOME MAN)

it's like 80% ps3\60

20% wii

I'll support any thing I see good

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n4f3557d ago

its a strategy. the DS did the exact same thing do you think that the ds had no chance but to go!
look at the lunch title of the ds nintendogs metroid prime hunter and a huge amount of shovelware
dont get me wrong but its the same thing that the wii is doing

ChickeyCantor3557d ago

AS if nintendo never wanted the CASUAL crowd, people like this writer are ignorant.

Also they got so many people in, bigger audience so who knows what will happen.

TriforceLightning3557d ago

I totally agree that Nintendo needed to change their strategy in order to survive in the console market.Last generation was full of nothing but "me-too" consoles and rather than fight for the same market that has always existed Nintendo decided to go for an untapped market.By creating a new market to compete with the traditional games market and lure in their core fan base they have singledhandedly increased the console market exponintionally.