New Play B3yond TV spot featuring Motorstorm

As the title says. A new Ad for the Ps3 featuring Motorstorm.

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techie4272d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I like ps3 ads - they get that...magical thing "what is that!?"...this is living, this is the future...etc lol. I like how the ps3 is so hot it lights fire to the care. lol sweeeeet.

Grown Folks Talk4271d ago

but why do people give a damn about ratings? if we never bought or watched or listened to things with bad ratings/reviews, we would hardly try anything. and if 10 people think it's great, but you think it sucks, you're still not going to buy it.

techie4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Green Folks Talk - I'm afraid I do listen to reviews, because I don't know if it's great unless I've read reviews. I don't do try before I buy. I read around to find reviews and see what the consensus far the reviews make me want to buy Motorstorm

Yes of course...I was hyped about Prince of Persia before it got any reviews. I also don't realy like fps or final fantasy etc. I know which games I like...but I'm also not loaded so my decisions have to be well informed

Grown Folks Talk4271d ago

just because the reviews say it's great, it might not be to you. if you form your opinion based on a video feed such as this, that holds more weight to me than someone elses opinion. millions of people think gta is great. i think it's boring. not trying to change your way of thinking. just expressing my view. p.s. do you get an extra bubble every day? spread the love.

fenderputty4271d ago

HA .... I understand your point. If that were the case, I would have never watched and loved "Waterworld"

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fenderputty4271d ago

Even the people who rated it badly said the gameplay is phenominal. They only lackluster aspect is the amount of options and maps. I'll have to buy it next week, I don't have the fundage to buy it this week. BILLS BILLS BILLS.

r10004271d ago

You know how Resistance is getting more content at the end of this month....

I have a funny feeling the same thing will happen for this game....

eclipsegryph4271d ago

Wow, a PS3 commercial with actual game content in it. I didn't think that such rare beasts existed anymore!

techie4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Give me a break - feast your eyes on this - ah what you failed to realise is that doco was advertising the use of the space on blu-ray...if you link to the actual site. So it is an ad for the cinematic possibilities of the ps3. There are quite a few ads that have footage...well 3 or 4. I quite like their kookiness :P

eclipsegryph4271d ago

Huh? I'm afraid I don't understand your reply... That's a lovely Heavenly Sword mini-documentary, but I was just commenting on the scarcity of PS3 commercials using games in their TV advertisements, and instead going for the more abstract, and to some, absurd, "This Is Living" and "Play B3yond" ideas.

ReconHope4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Lost Planet

Bullet witch



so what if games don't get perfect scores from reviewers.

grifter0244271d ago

This news post was about the commercial ...wonder when it changed topics.... I like the playstations commercials unlike the xbox360's 360 has to get some better commercials pretty good though. I dont see whats cool about it just some nice graphics which isnt a bad thing but thats all I really see..

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The story is too old to be commented.