Opinion: Sony fans shouldn't care if Square Enix RPGs are on the 360

J. from the Driver ID blog talks about why people should stop living in the past (Sony fans that are pissed about Square Enix making JRPGs for the 360) and be happy about what they have. (Awesome games, both on Blu-Ray and PSN that 360 owners won't be able to play)

Just because one company is concentrating on one console, it doesn't invalidate all the others.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3584d ago

Yeah cause they suck ass anyway.

Infinite Unfloppery,Flop Remnant,Flop Ocean:360s last Hope...\

If 360 lemmings want to buy trash RPGs,let them.They love torturing themselves.Look at how they bend over for RROD,Live payments and horrendous DLC.

Hiruma Youchi3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

ROFLMAO! i feel sorry for you man.

ps3 aint getting no love with the jrpgs.

who cares about IU and LR????

theres Tales of vesperia , Blue dragon , Lost odeyssey, Star Ocean 4 (you call it flop but it scored hella better than WKC dummy)

only rpg worth mention on PS3 is Valkyria (theres an anime coming out in the following months looks pretty tight)

eff you guys though.

edit @ Omarja: 1 Great RPG WOAH!!! How come you guys aint getting more ? PS3 gets no love for the Rpgs. have fun playing the same rpg for the Following year !

Namikaze_Minato3583d ago

What about White FLOP Chronicles? 29/40 from Famitsu, 7 from RPG FAN! =D

PS3 is a SHAME on JRPG's! Cry, cry a little bit, because FXIII WILL BE BETTER ON XBOX 360!

Next E3: FF Versus Coming to XBOX 360 too!

OmarJA3583d ago

I agree Lord Shuhei Yoshida...

Good thing the PS3 got the best JRPG this Gen Valkyria Chronicles.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3583d ago

They got 1 Million'ish ;-D RPG games out in Japan and the Japanese STILL don't want the xBox 33%RRoD60!!! ;-D
Nice try M$, but yet again you FAILED!!!
+ So far all the RPG's that are on the 'xBox 33%RRoD66%Really0' look like PS2 games!!! ;-D

Square Enix GO NEXT-GEN, GO PS3 ONLY!!!;)
Give us a REAL Next-gen RPG game!!!;)

evilmonkey5013583d ago

I do care though that they still haven't put out any games for the ps3 .
Did Gabe Newell buy square or something? Why absolutely NO love for the ps3??? They ignore us completely. They make us one game and then sell it off to Microsoft whilst making us wait for them to squeeze it on 5 dvd's for a simultaneous release. Screw SQUARE. I wont be buying anything from them.

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ps921173584d ago

Ah no worrys people as far as I am concerned that 20% will one day become 51%.

ape0073583d ago

I have no problem but first it should use ps3's power and take advantage of its blu-ray capacity,then no problem port it to 360,this move give us the best quality of the game and the highest profits to the company

anyone agree?

or disagree?

Genesis53583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I have played a lot of SE games in the past and I would probably play them for the PS3 if they made them. I am not one to boycott them just because the develop for another system.

What I don't understand is why they are happy making 360 exclusives and losing money. Doesn't seem like a very good business model.

Anyway I have 38 disc based games and 12 downloaded games on my HD. I am nowhere near running out of things to play.

La Chance3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

the best jrgs this gen arent from SE.

LO ,Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia are the best this gen and none are from SE.

ChickeyCantor3583d ago

There is a second team working on the 360 version.
I don't see how Blu-ray will suffer from this?

Ofcourse they will fill it up with everything it was meant to be filled with. It's up to the second team to make it fit on a DVD9(x3 maybe?).

SuperM3583d ago

I dont think the big problem is the making games for 360, its the fact that most their games seem to be exclusive or timed exclusive to 360. Luckily for ps3 owners, none of them were very good. But its still kind of annoying when they talk about going multiplatform yet they make games exclusive for 360.

Buttons3583d ago

Yeah, except Sony fans have to wait almost a full year because of SE's decision to bring it to the 360. That's not the reason they shouldn't care.

They shouldn't care because, after seeing the ingame video, the graphics were way below expectations. Everyone thought after seeing the first picture that the game would actually look that good. Too bad, it didn't. For the game to be on 360 there isn't a need for graphical toning down.

SupaPlaya3583d ago

we should care that SE's RPGS are not on the PS3 no?

Where is Star Ocean 4?

Agent VX3583d ago

Personally, if I only had one console, either the PS3 or 360, I wouldn't care one way or another. I find JRPG's to be a complete bore feast and I wouldn't buy a Square Enix game.

I could never find the appeal of Final Fantasy games, never finished them because the gameplay sucked. Just my thoughts, and only fanboys would care about this issue.

Armyless3583d ago

Not to be overly nitpicky here, but doesn't that sentence include you? I mean, you cared enough to say you don't like SE games in a SE article.

rroded3583d ago

really what? not that i didnt try the other ff's n crisis core on the psp is alright but nothings come close to ff7...

Anon19743583d ago

Quite frankly, I couldn't care less if Square makes multiconsole games. My only concern is when one console holds back the product we're seeming on another console, like what's happened with Ghostbusters or Id's RAGE.

I wish developers would just make the best game they can on the system they're developing on...period. If that means the PS3 has twice as much going on onscreen, then so be it. Developers didn't seem to have a problem taking advantage of some of the original X-box's power vs the PS2 version of the game. We've seen the first party games, we know what the PS3 is capable of. Now use it.

pain777pas3583d ago

Based on the games they've released so far I am not jealous but wouldn't mind them on the PS3. Also there is no reason why based on the ingame visuals of FF13 why it couldn't be ported on the 360 cause they are good but not CG quality like some proposed. I hope that the graphics weren't compromised in this multiplat move though at the beginning of this gen they said that the engine could work on any next gen system.

Doppy3583d ago

No one cares that they're making games for the 360 it's that they're making exclusives for the 360, and the games they do make are mediocre at best. Square was one of the biggest developers during the PS2 era, but now they haven't put out a good game for the HD consoles and were going into the 3rd year. Final Fantasy 13 may not come to the US until 2010, and FF vs. 13 and Agiot 13 (don't know how to spell it) won't come out until after that. We have no clue to a Kingdom Hearts release either, so that's what Sony fans are mad about.

I know there are some that are mad about FF13 going multiplatform and possibly Kindmo Hearts, but it doesn't bother me because I still get to play it as well as other people and the companies should make more money which should help them make a sequel.

Buttons3582d ago

I'd rather have a better game with less gamers playing it than a worse game with more gamers.

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Hallucinate3583d ago

...well its a good thing i dont care

IzKyD13313583d ago

All Square Enix Unreal Engine 3 JRPGS are sub-par

DelbertGrady3583d ago

So you blame the graphics engine for the poor gameplay? Makes sense.

Buttons3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

That's not what he said. He said "All of X games using this suck". He did not say "Because of X, all of X games using this suck."

mastiffchild3583d ago

Artice doesn't take any notice of the fact that many PS3 owners bought systems on the understanding that not only would there be SE games on PS3 but that FF13 would be exclusive-if I was in their shoes I'd be rightly miffed at SE changing tack for the bucks and leaving me out in the cold.
No blame can be put at MS door but SE should really treat those long term fans of theirs, fans that have stayed with them even through the falling quality(something which DIDN'T begin with the UE jrpgs on 360 but well before , they just continued the downward trend people-look)no less, much better than they have and luke warm seconds of the worst SE game in recent memory(TLR-ok not solely SE but still)doesn't cut it.
I'm no big FF fan, can take it or leave it, but I do feel for some of my friends(big series fans) who bought their PS3s when SE were still trumpeting their Sony exclusivity less than one year ago. They only did so thinking they knew SE was delivering games for them and to still have nothing really sticks in some of their throats and they feel, not necessarily betrayed, but definitely let down and ignored and as these are the same people who've supported SE through the thinner recent years they must deserve better than they're getting.