Game Reactor Norway : Halo Wars review

Halo Wars has revived a genre that for me personally has been quite a while no longer of interest. This is a killer great action-strategy game, but it is not something for everyone. It is not Halo 4 By no means. And there is no guarantee that even hardened Halo fans will like this. Halo Wars is strategy. If you are unsure, then test the demo on Xbox Live before any purchase

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DragonWarrior465343532d ago

9/10? I wonder if these reviewers ever played rts games before?

X_GAMER_X3532d ago

Why??? becuz its an RTS so it dos not deserve 9/10?
I don't why even I bother replying to such ignorance

lord_of_balrogs3532d ago

So just because it's not Starcraft its not good? This is like comparing Wii games to PS3/360 games, you just don't do it.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3532d ago

I can't wait for that multiplayer component of Killzone 2.