Video game industry faces tougher year - Lack of blockbuster releases may crimp sales as economy weakens

After enjoying a banner year in 2008 despite the slowing economy, the video game industry may find the coming year to be more of a challenge.

The mounting recession along with a lack of big blockbuster titles in the pipeline is expected to weigh on the sector in 2009. And while no one is predicting a major downturn in what many analysts consider to be a recession-resistant business, tough comparisons with the prior year and rising development expenses are expected to put more squeeze on game makers - several of whom are already coping with their own internal issues.

"Any year that you don't have a 'Grand Theft Auto' or a 'Halo,' you're going to get a cautious outlook," said Michael Pachter, video game analyst for Wedbush Morgan.

"Last year, we had 'Grand Theft,' 'Metal Gear' and 'Gears of War,' and there's nothing like that on the calendar for this year," Pachter said.

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Graphics Whore3581d ago

What 2009 are you in? From where I'm standing it looks incredible.

iAmPS33581d ago

As far as I know PS3 is full of exclusives.

MasFlowKiller3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Who the Puck is this site?....... not hits coming this year?...... WTF are they talking about?

do u mean no blockbuster tittle coming to your console of choice this year?

Jinxstar3581d ago

Seriously I will go hungry before I stop buying good games... Crap games I wont starve for though =P Screw the rest of the economy and all that.

INehalemEXI3581d ago

Yup, all kinds of good ish coming in 09, this site gets no click from me for this. Come again.

BRG90003581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Read articles maybe? To people both above and below me, this article doesn't talk about exclusives at all, it's not really relevant. In fact, the only time the word "exclusive" appears is in discussion of Killzone 2, and how its exclusivity keeps it from being as large a lift for the gaming industry as it could be if it was for multiple consoles.

Not every article is about PS3 vs. Xbox if you actually look at the words.

On an unrelated note, stop using the words "exclusive" and "blockbuster" like they're synonyms. They are not. =P

Monchichi0253581d ago

Hit it right on the money. Some people don't realise what the word "Blockbuster" means. Sure, we have a bunch of great games coming in 09, but there only important to the Hardcore Gamer.

This article is talking about games that the mass market cares about. Games such as the Halo's, Call of Duty's and Mario's of the world.

So even if you may think a game like Uncharted 2, or something like that is great...the Mass Market will say..."Who, what?" Because unfortunately, us Hardcore Gamers are badly outmatched by casual gamers. So that means, they have more they will get all the attention!!

theKiller3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

now thats a better title.

every time patcher says something the opposite happens
so thank u patcher.

2009 will be the best years specially that there isnt GTA and halo(halo wars is out by the way)

2009 block busters are

killzone 2
God of war 3
heavily rain
FF13 for japan
uncharted 2
and much more which we dont know yet

i dont know of any so far

multiplat titles
and more

infamous_273581d ago

Yeah, I can name 45 games that I'm buying in 2009. Oh who am I kidding, I will only have time for half of these...

Tony P3581d ago

I dunno what that guy's smoking. GTA and Halo aren't the only top-selling titles. There are plenty of popular franchises in the works that could amount to 'blockbusters'.

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grantps33581d ago

there are a tone of blockbusters for the ps3 that are coming in 2009

dragunrising3580d ago

There is no shortage of blockbusters period. The Wii is even getting a couple. Lame article.

sugard03581d ago

Hmmmm the only reason I can see them saying lack of blockbuster exclusive this year is because the 360 has none, whereas the PS3 has loads, it will hurt Microsoft (which will hurt the games industry somewhat). But as for PS3.... it shall live long and prosper

Omega Archetype3581d ago

"The mounting recession along with a lack of big blockbuster titles in the pipeline is expected to weigh on the sector in 2009."

Say What!? this person blind or deaf? KZ2, RE5, SO4, SFIV, Uncharted 2, GOWIII, Prototype, COD:Modern Warfare II, inFamous, Halo Wars etc. are all high-profile titles.

This person must be on a different planet from mine, cause from where I'm sitting, this year looks to be just as good (if not better,) then last year.

PotNoodle3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Killzone 2
Halo 3: ODST
Uncharted 2
God of war 3
Maybe GT5 (Japan)
CoD: MW2

Or is he talking about the wii?

Bubble Buddy3581d ago

For the Wii, that's every year... kidding. I have one and I got bored of it fast.

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