Game Reactor Danmark: Halo Wars review

Ultimately, I can not help but love Halo Wars for what it is and what it may end up making the strategy genre on consoles.
Even behind Halo mask is a game design gem that deserves huge praise for its minimal innovations and rock-solid gameplay, and although it is impossible to predict the future, then at least sounds a loud hope on my part, that Halo Wars appreciate the new de facto standard for strategy games on consoles

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3558d ago

Speaking of which Killzone 2 is close to release.

Reserve your copy now

lord_of_balrogs3558d ago

This is the score I think Halo Wars deserves, but I can't be sure until I play the whole game. February is shaping up to be a good month with SF4, SO4, KZ2, Halo Wars, and RE5 in March.