Catch inFamous on Spike TV Tonight

Playstation Blog writes:
Hi all,

More exclusive new inFamous info is on the way…tune in to Spike tonight at 1 a.m. PT/ET for inside access to inFamous with GameTrailers TV as host Geoff Keighley goes on-site at Sucker Punch's studio in Bellevue, WA.

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TheHater3587d ago

They would give us a release date already.

Pennywise3587d ago

Its June, no? I dont know the day, but I am pretty sure they said June.

smurfie43587d ago

Why so late? I have drill tomorrow I'm not staying up that late.

TOO PAWNED3587d ago

I hope someone puts this on for us Europeans.
How many hours from now to until it begins?

Cajun Chicken3587d ago

Yeah, that'll be nice. I'll probably catch it on Gametrailers at some point too.