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GamesRadar writes: "The borrowed foundations will be immediately familiar to RTS fans. You start with a base that can be customised with a limited number of bits to make it capable of producing different types of vehicles and soldiers, including many you won't have seen in the proper Halo games. Depending on how you develop your army, you'll have access to flamethrower marines, modified Scorpion tanks that lob devastating cluster bombs, Elephant mobile fortresses, multiple grades of Warthog jeep and even a handful of Spartans".

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Gun_Senshi3560d ago

If you think Halo Wars derserve more then 7, You never played a RTS games.

If we want consistency, all publications that gave halo wars 8/10+ should give Empire Total War 20/10 and Starcraft 2 50/10

Leave RTS to PC. Have fun playing kiddies RTS.

cmrbe3560d ago

Ensemble should have stated that Halo Wars is not a traditional RTS which is why its getting low scores. Reviewers are reviewing it as a traditional RTS.

Perhaps a new type of RTS for consoles called ARTS for Action RTS.

lord_of_balrogs3560d ago

Well I've played numerous RTS's, hell I spent my first 3 years of RTS gaming playing Starcraft on Furthermore, I've played the Total War series, AOE, Warcraft etc. I find Halo Wars to be just as fun with the exception of Starcraft which imo is the best game of all time.

It's no secret that Halo Wars is streamlined for consoles but that doesn't make it any less of a good game. The demo sold me on the game as the gameplay was insanely fun. It doesn't have to have uber complicated tech trees or mineral/wood/gold gathering like other RTS' to be fun.

Elven63560d ago

Looks like your jealous HW isn't on PC? Regardless Halo Wars was built with the console in mind, I don't think any other console RTS has done the same.

Sarcasm3560d ago

Kiddie's RTS?

I've been playing RTS's since Warcraft 1, then WC2, WC3, SC, Age of Empries, C&C, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. all on PC.

Now I'm currently playing Halo Wars and it's FUN. That's all that matters to me. It doesn't need to be overly complicated because there's no KB/M. I couldn't imagine playing HW with a controller if the game was as complicated as other RTS's.

I'm not even a huge fan of Halo. I liked Halo 1 and 2, but disappointed with the Halo 3 on top of the extreme amount of hype like it was the second coming of Jesus.

But Halo Wars is worth a look at least. It's a solid 8/10 in my book, and to me is a saving grace for the Halo series.

Now I'm interested in Halo ODST.

Mikerra173560d ago

this game is nothing compared to starcraft solar empire company of heroes

cmrbe3560d ago

That is the problem. RTS fans love RTS for the fact that you have to manage your resources, have complex tech trees to improve your units which makes you value and feel great when you finally have all the units you wanted and ready for some kick ass battles. RTS fans love to manage all of these which is what really makes RTS fun.

From what i gather resource gathering doesn't really feature as well as building fortress which is a shame. I also love Starcraft alot and like most people i build my defenses first and then my units before i unleash hell on my foes. It just makes me more satisfied and value each units more knowing i invested alot of time building them and upgrading them.

I am believe what you guys are saying in that its fun but its not really for traditional RTS fans but more so for console gamers that wouldn't spend at least 1/2 a day building up their their armies lol!.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3560d ago


Xbot lemmings are gonna buy this flop with a ham sandwich

Bot Repellent3560d ago

Great review for a Halo game,honest and shows the true flaws in the game.Ensemble are talented developers,they just failed to properly translate the RTS genre onto the 360.

JOLLY13560d ago

Are you sad that you didn't get the first post on this review? So which version are you getting? I myself preordered the LE. I am pretty stoked to get the new Halo 3 maps. I also am super excited to see how they remade Blood Gulch for an RTS. I bet you are too though.

Bot Repellent3560d ago

Gun Senshi,I own Age of Empires III,so I agree that all publications with an 8+ review for Halo Wars need to hand back their $1,000 gift bags.

Pennywise3560d ago

Honestly MS should of made this for the PC only and it would of been ranked way higher.

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