1UP Interview: Metal Gear Maestro

Most Metal Gear fans associate Harry Gregson-Williams with scoring the series' stirring cutscenes, but Norihiko Hibino deserves just as much credit. Whether counting down an intense alert sequence, punctuating a brutal boss battle or simply providing a tense backdrop to Snake's sneaking, Hibino's work is an indelible part of the Metal Gear experience -- not bad for someone whose career arc began as the manager of a movie theatre in Kansas City. 1UP recently met with Hibino at his Tokyo studio, GEM Impact, to discuss the nuances of tactical stealth audio.

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Xandet3555d ago

a guy that can help come up with such a profound soundtrack. Each Metal Gear Solid game has come complete with a feast for the ears, some that, in my opinion, rank among the best in gaming history. Mad props.