Destructoid: Unreal Tournament III: Titan Pack Preview

Destructoid writes: "As we told you yesterday, Epic Games has a massive expansion for Unreal Tournament III set to drop on March 5th for the PS3 and PC, called the Titan Pack. With lots of new maps, new game modes, new weapons and deployables, tons of technical upgrades, and the screen-filling beasts themselves, you'd expect to pay at least something for all of this. But Epic is giving it away for free. And anything free these days is greatly appreciated".

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Vip3r3503d ago

Really looking forward to this. UT3 was too underrated for its own good. But this update should help boost it's sales again.

UziSuicide3503d ago

Wonder why nobody is really comenting on how the split screen actually runs in these previews?

Solbadguy3503d ago

Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4, Mad World, and now this patch that came outta nowhere!

All I need now is a time freezing machine.

QuackPot3503d ago

especially for all the feebies.

Now a FPS Gears on Ps3, on steroids +++.