PlayStation 3: Lost And Found

Psxextreme: Those who have owned every PlayStation since the mid-'90s will probably agree that the PlayStation 3 represents the single biggest generational leap in terms of upgrades and changes. Many just accept them as a matter of course, but let's take a step back and see what the PlayStation console has lost...and what it has found. The question is, can every single one of these be considered "upgrades?"

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Bot Repellent3557d ago

I love my Ps3,thank you Sony for giving gamers true HD this generation!

Mindboggle3556d ago

I love my PS3 aswell, best £425 (lol) ive ever spent....But theres no need to take a dig at other consoles.

ReBurn3556d ago

Right. The PS3 is good enough to stand on its own without having to take a shot at other consoles.

Besides, TrueHD is just a marketing term.

yanikins1113557d ago

errrr ok.....
" if I get a new PS3 at some point in the future, how do I go about transferring the save data? ...I get the feeling it's not quite as easy as just popping in one of those good ol' memory cards."

Its called a USB flash drive and they have a larger capacity and are cheaper than every other memory card used on any console. Ever. Period.

NaiNaiNai3557d ago

he was talking about how does he pull his old game data over to the ps3, since you can't just plug a memory card from ps1/ps2 into the new model ps3s. you have to get a device to read it.

how ever i do like the USB save files, however before much longer someones gona break that like they did with the psp stuff.

yanikins1113557d ago

Errr... maybe in your backwards understanding of the written english language he alludes to this, and maybe he doesnt use the word "new", implying he already has one ps3 and would have aready had to deal with that problem.... but you know what? He does.


PS3istheshit3556d ago

its so easy a caveman could do it
u can use almost any memory card format
or just buy a memory card adapter for like 10-15 bucks

phosphor1123556d ago

I have a 320 gig external along with a 320 gig internal on that beast. Hell yeah.

yanikins1113556d ago

Received from our good friend NaiNaiNai:

"go f*** your self
you pathetic a** piece of sh** fanboy.

and how that thats out of the way, hello, why not pull your head out of our sony loving a** and go f*** your sister.

glad we met, now go jump of a bridge like your other lemming cousins.

Me thinks me hit a nerve:D

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

The Playstation 3 is an amazing creation,the first times I laid eyes on it I was astounded.

Astounded that Ken Kutaragi,the mastermind of the videogame industry,had created yet another masterpiece again!

(I didn't have the same effect with the Xbox 360,I think it was some actor on MTV that showed it and I was like "that looks alright,heh")

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3556d ago

...those 3 Red Lights on the xBox 360 looked nice!!! ;-D

blackbeld3556d ago

Agree they got Triple Red Eye amazing beautifull.

free3sixty3556d ago

I also love my PS3.. anyways the "Everygame installs" really starting to suck. My 80GB HDD is slowly getting full.

The missing AA in nearly every game also suc*s. Its a fact that Sony put a first gen BR drive in their ps3 so now nearly all games must have an install to have good loading times.

Also.. i played bioshock on ps3 last week.. hell when i saw the patch with its 230 MB i had to laugh. When i remember a Bioshock update for 360 it took 5 seconds to update the game without no install. I think devs programm "better" and without "mistakes" on 360 cause ARCADE owners couldnt download a patch with 230 MB. PS3 owners get always a bugged version... devs want to release their games on both systems at the same time.. and then we ps3 owners get the 1st update with 100-200MB, omg!

Street fighter 4 is out 2 days and the 1st update with 10 MB is already out, thats really too hard!

I want the time back, we pushed a CD into the drive and played the game.. no installs, no patches, no bugs.

LeGenDx3556d ago

are you really complaining about updates?.. i thought updates an patches are suppose to be good?.. if you dont want to update you dont have to.. simple plus if you harddrive is getting full BUY A NEW ONE?.. lol imma do a example of you ahem..

free3sixty: OMG 5mb OF UPDATE WTF, this is going to take 10 sec ! im going to cry

uxo223556d ago

Are you serious, don't you think you're over simplifying his comment. I think free3sixty has a valid point.

Here is an example of over simplifying something:"OMG 5mb OF UPDATE WTF, this is going to take 10 sec ! im going to cry" I personally have done not 1 single update or patch on my PS3 that was 5MB and it only took 10 seconds and neither have you. Did you forget that you have to first download it, then you have to install it. I mean for me it's really no big deal I just walk away and go do something else.

If I had a gripe about the patch/update system on the PS3, if would be the damn thing asking me to hit a button after the download to start the install. Why would I download it if I didn't want to install it, of course you find this out after you return to your PS3 20 minutes after the download just to see it sitting there waiting for you to press x.

Otherwise no complaints for me. Well maybe one more, too many system updated. If seems like everytime I want to play something I have to do an update. By the time the process if completed, I have changed my mind about playing.

Jerk1203556d ago

Ps2 was better.

Sorry Sony, truth had to be said.

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