Blend Games: Halo Wars Review

Make no mistake, Halo Wars is a solid game. Ensemble has delivered a satisfying RTS title to consoles with only a few allowances for the controller. It would be nice to see something built with a new mindset for consoles, rather than trying to translate PC RTS controls over. For what it is Halo Wars satisfies both the action hungry Halo fan and the cerebral RTS fan to some degree. It just won't wow either camp.

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Bot Repellent3581d ago

I trust Gamespot more than Blend games,leavin it at that.

EvilCackle3581d ago

So you agree with the site who gave it a 6.5 over the site who gave it a 7? Way to take a stand.

Pennywise3581d ago

lol dime, that was a good one. Probably right over this guys head, along with everyone else who doesnt know math -

cyguration3581d ago

Don't tell me there's controversy over a Blend Games article? How surprising. /sarcasm

Bot Repellent3581d ago

Yes I agree with the site that rated it lower than this site,what's your problem fordy?

lord_of_balrogs3581d ago

That your opinion is biased. Your name is bot repellant, I mean it's obvious you're a troll.

EvilCackle3581d ago

I have no problem. I said that I admire your ability to draw a line in the sand. Clearly there are vast differences between the scores 65 and 70. Not as vast as the difference between 55 and 50 or even 55 and 60, but still, very substantial stuff.

Gun_Senshi3581d ago

funny seeing people like lord of balrog complaining about biased people

lord_of_balrogs3581d ago

Really? I prefer my 360 over the PS3 but I can see the merits of the Playstation 3 which is why I plan to buy it next month. Furthermore, I don't make troll accounts.

3581d ago
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DavidMacDougall3581d ago

Flop.... i usally don't do this stuff but if it where a Killzone 2 review you lot would

Gun_Senshi3581d ago

RTS belong to PC.

If you think Halo Wars derserve 8/10 and more, you are just a kid that never played any real RTS on PC.

Go try Sins of a Solar Empire NOW.

JOLLY13581d ago

Sins is awesome! Know what else is awesome Age of Empires. Oooh, I also loved Warcraft (the original). So I guess I am not really a "kid". I do love me some ensemble though. The part I disagree with is that rts's belong on pc. Ensemble has done a great job making this rts on a console. No it isn't as gathering heavy as most rts's, but that is the brilliance. It really is a good fast paced game. Sins is great, but I don't always want to play a 4 hour game.

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The story is too old to be commented.