ExiledGamers - Win a copy of Microsoft's Halo Wars

ExiledGamers competition. have three copies of Halo Wars to give away. They have a short quiz on the site and all you have to do is e-mail the answers. So to be in with a chance of winning one of the big Xbox 360 exclusives of 2009 send in your entry.

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lokiroo4203558d ago

Heres another contest for those interested:

SlimShady3558d ago

What is Halo Wars :lol:

I played a bit of the demo and although not a RTS fan; Halo Wars seems to be one of those games that everyone complain about yet play it :lol:

The40Watt3558d ago

RTS games are progressing on console though. Halo Wars and Civ Revolution work pretty well with controllers.

StillWinter3558d ago

I'm reviewing this title at the moment and the quality shines through. The game was built for the 360 controller and is very easy to use. This is a comp your should go for.. this games great.

The40Watt3552d ago

Today is the last day of the competition. It will end at midnight GMT.