MSNBC: Top 5 most anticipated non-sequel games

MSNBC writes:
Like tiresome gadget updates that don't improve much on the original, video game sequels have a tendency to sound better than they actually are. Follow-ups rarely meet their lofty expectations because they're usually the same game disguised with minor enhancements and a fresh coat of paint.

There are a handful of bold publishers, however, willing to take risks on uncharted ground - something influential hardcore gamers tend to overlook. So for all you gamers who turn your nose at numerical appendices, here are the top 5 non-sequel games of 2009, excluding platform expansions like the upcoming "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" and Beatles "Rock Band."

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nostalgic_noob3503d ago

Sorry but Heavy Rain sh1ts on all those games

Cajun Chicken3503d ago

New IPs are great and this year is full of them. Here's some I'm looking out for off the top of my head in no order. (Sorry, PS3/360 only. I have no Nintendo consoles)

Brutal Legend
Eat Lead
Heavy Rain
Dark Void


"'The Conduit'

Wii owners starved for Xbox-like experiences need look no further than Sega's much-hyped "The Conduit." The storyline is dreadfully bland (you know the drill: aliens invade planet earth, you take 'em down one at a time as a laser-wielding super soldier). But the game has received early praise for its gripping combat, PS3-like visuals, and 16-person online multiplayer. Wait for it."

...'PS3-like visuals'...on the Wii? Why not 360 visuals, why use PS3 as an example? Conduit looks like more impressive Gamecube graphics imo and thats pretty good, about time the Wii hardware got tested.

Real Gambler3503d ago

Heavy Rain is still my top pick, with Infamous second...

Myst3503d ago

Some of these games I have not heard of such as the "Rhythm heaven" Overall though I would swap the conduit with Monster Hunter Tri~. I know I may get shot or something for saying that, but most of my anticipation is toward that game.

Though it is mostly anticipating whether or not the rest of the world will be getting it :).