Is The Conduit Realy Worth The Hype?

KN Writes:

"Back when High Voltage Software announced it's latest Wii game, The Conduit, almost a year ago, opinion has been split. While most people tended to just look at the multi-player, graphics and general polish, declaring it 'The Wii's Saviour', there's always been some who look deeper. KN Editor TR was one of those, long having a go at it for shallow design and unoriginality. Our Gibbon, on the other hand, was sat firmly in the other camp. So, naturally, we've locked the two in a room and had them discuss it until their FPS hats come off…"

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Product3532d ago


HVS is doing alot of good things with their Quantum 3 engine that was stated as not being possible on Wii.
Besides this will be the FPS that all other FPS on the Wii are judged by,on top of that if people dont buy this title among a few others we may not see many more "hardcore" titles on the Wii in its life cycle.

I hope this sells along with Madworld and a few other titles so there is more unique games on Wii besides party games.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

" that was stated as not being possible on Wii.
but then again who claimed it?
It were people who saw cooking mama and believed thats all the Wii could do and so started the hate train. Everyone jumped on.

But Day one purchase

DragonWarrior465343532d ago

Mario Galaxy is a testament of what the Wii can do. Its gorgeous and I cant believe that it was only in 480p. Thing is though that this is the year 2009, and they are way behind of what a next gen gaming system can do graphically and online. I too hope this sells well, maybe they will start putting dragon warrior on the wii instead of the piece of crap DS.

SpoonyRedMage3532d ago

Good news Dragon Quest X is going to be on the Wii! but the DS is fantastic.*hits with a ruler but not too hard*

I think the game will be a decent FPS and may be it will lead to a few more higher production games on the Wii as not many people are taking advantage of it.

Shoko3532d ago

And It's funny how people think this game is so over-hyped.

They don't understand that we aren't 360 fanboys. We don't bust our balls for every exclusive that comes out.

Sure we're excited for the game, but we don't think it's gonna be the best thing ever.

LukaX233532d ago

This post is as bad as the spelling of the word 'Really'.

TruthbeTold3532d ago

"Conduit’s going to be the same story. Almost literally: Aliens land on Earth. There’s no peace offer, no Doctor Who episode taking place, just one guy going and shooting them, and they all happen to be hiding in generic cities and corridors. Snore."

Is B.S. Does this guy even actually know enough about the game to comment this much? The game takes place in Washington D.C. The "corridors" are places like the Pentagon and the Washington monument. The guys at High Voltage traveled to D.C. and have mimicked portions of the city in their art. The story has a conspiracy aspect to it that pretty much negates the idea of the "all of a sudden" invasion that's alluded to. People just like to throw around the word generic when commenting on this game because it has aliens and it's a new IP.

mastiffchild3532d ago

Yes. Thing is there are a lot of traps there and, tbh, the bunker level that we see most often is very much like any other corridor ridden FPS since Doom so you know where he's going cos too much of that kind of stuff and the game could be set anywhere as one underground facility full of long thin rooms is gonna look like any other, innit? I'm not saying it will be like that and you can understand them not wanting to spoil there best bits of destroying aliens outside the Whitehouse(for EG)but because of us mainly seeing that level so far I do get the worry some [people have voiced about the generic problems it COULD have.
But whatever, it really has no competition in the true shooter stakes and if it can't be the best online FPS in Wii history it'll have completely failed cos it's not a difficult job being that-it looks great and should be ok online in that way, the numbers of 16v16 are big enough, Wiispeak is in, FC's MAY be out(after saying they were in-here's hping they get rid)and it doesn't yet need a "forge" type feature or even to be 60 player games or even have exotic modes.All it needs is to do the basics really well and they should be up to that as the online shooter landscape on Wii is similar to that on Xbox before the Halo launch-so get it right and they'll have a big fanbase pretty much guaranteed, imo.
As I say there are traps for the SP but hopefully the story and level design will lift it from generica(always a risk in alien flavoured sci fi shooters though)and give it identity-and hopefully we will see recognisable parts of DC to frag in. But, where it must succeed is on the MP front. Much as I personally love a great SP campaign the pressure is really on The Conduit to pull out all the stops online. Hopefully HV have done their job and the Wiiconnect service will treat the game more like MKWii than SSBB(how can one work so well and the other get so heavily beaten by the lag stick that it never got back up(shame too-should have been much better)?)and if so we'll have a great FPS to keep us going until Nintendo bother to package a MP Multiplayer(with the western release of the play with Wii version of MP1 or MP2?)similar to Hunters on DS OR maybe the next Red Steel pulls it off.
I really hope they've done it as their quest to give Wii owners a little bit more is very honourable and the mechanics of getting the MP right should be possible-here's hoping and roll on June!

TruthbeTold3532d ago

What do people want? Do you really want a FPS level that takes place in a corn field? Or corridors that spin upside down and all around like in a cartoon funhouse? I mean seriously... There are shooters that take place in natural outdoor environments like jungles, there's those that take place in buildings and city streets, and those that take place on space ships and the like. That's pretty much it. You can't really knock a game for using such a setting. You may as well wish that they never made the game in the first place.

As for the multiplayer experience. I have no reason to believe that the game won't have the best online experience that Nintendo will allow them to have. I also think that it's weak that there's no local, spit screen multiplayer. But it just may be that a game of this level of visual quality can't handle that.

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