Nintendo Royally Owns Sony In Advertising

Blend Games writes:

"Microsoft and Sony have been fighting for dominance to gain a certain position during this console generation race. It's been a hard fought battle and a highly disputed one at that. However, despite the efforts by both corporate giants, they can only settle for the spot Nintendo doesn't occupy…second place. Zing!"

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cain1413503d ago

In my opinion the Nintendo ads in general are better than Sony ads, but the Sony ads are getting better. The launch ones just didn't work for me though.

cyguration3503d ago

Sony's first year of advertising was complete BS. Rolling eggs, crying babies and masturbating soccer fans just didn't cut it for me.

Nintendo has been very consistent out of the big three and it's easy to see why survey results turned out that way.

sinncross3503d ago

Sony just advertise to a completely different audience.

though i hate to say it, but a survey is hardly accurate at portraying which ads are better then others.

I think Sony needs to make their ads more commercial but I find the Nintendo ones silly nonetheless.

Rhezin3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

even back when I owned a 360, I thought they were badass. I guess some people just don't know awesome when they see it. Although I guess Nintendo's ads are somewhat cool I guess if your into Wii Products and Nintendo IP's, but I can't see how if you don't own a Wii how their ads would appeal to you.

MrJack3503d ago

Is very good, but Ninty have done well here in the UK, they have got some British celebs to advertise their games, no one massive, just people everyone recognizes. (Ian Wright, Harry Redknapp etc.)

Wizeguy213503d ago

Dude nintendo adds have been almost non-existent.! WTF.. they don't need to be either.. They are number 1...

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