How Mirror's Edge & Killzone 2 Are Alike writes: "On working for our 'Killzone 2 versus The Future' piece, the motivation arose to explore how EA DICE's Mirror's Edge and Killzone 2 incorporated many of the same graphical facets in their visual direction, and how given the proper work, the former could eventually surpass the latter's graphics with future iterations.

"As wonderfully ambiguous as comparing a future property to a current reigning title can be, the idea of a KZ2-graphically superior Mirror's Edge 2 eventually morphed into a much more interesting framework of thought. Taken together, Killzone 2 and Mirror's Edge aren't that much different from each other aesthetically, and each expertly executes their own take on many of the same objectives. Dare I say it? Let the 'visual' comparison commence."

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sak5003581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

They cannot me more different. One is brightly colored graphical masterpiece and the other comprises of 3 brown shaded textures and same cookie cutter enemies.

One has fluidity of a gymnast and the other has the movement of 80 year old arthritic patient carrying a bear on his back.

Ones reticle moves with easy of a pin the other's reticle feels like holding a lance from the edge with one hand.

Nike3581d ago

He's trying to look at it more from an aesthetic and ethical point of view rather than from the explicit observations. That being said, your points would do very well to influence his discussion. :P

Rapture3333581d ago

You obviously don't like First Persons Shooters? Go play on the Wii if you feel this way, your only taking the ideas of others and importing them into what you know about Killzone. You probably wouldn't like other games like Fallout 3 either? Killzone has more then 16-bit colors I'll have you know. Second what do you mean about your character feeling weighted? I have no idea what you mean really, if you want to increase your sensitivity I hope you know that theirs an option for that to.

Thoreau3581d ago

oh that is right. you only own an xbox360, while i own the 360 and ps3 (go ahead check my profile, send me a message over xbox live if you desire)

sak5003581d ago

NO need to prove i can see your gamertag in your profile. YOu're right i only own 360 as I dont even get time to play it that much as i work 9-5. I"m also busy arranging financing for my new car 2008, Chevy Lumina SS 6.0 V8. A 360 HP car. I can easily pickup 1 - 2 ps3 just like that but i dont want to.

Cynical-Gamerzus3581d ago

Get it straight Graphics sell games !!!
This is proven time over again as Marvel movies sell very well at the boxes !! this is due to the special efects along with Transformers etc.Lord rings!!!!!
Graphics is everything we ask for!!!!

LarVanian3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I'm really jealous that you already have Killzone 2......oh wait!

Btw Mirrors Edge looked like crap at a few parts. The game may have been innovative but I found the overall thing to be sub-par (Just like your opinion).