Gamespot: Halo Wars Review

After shooting through scores of Covenant and Flood soldiers in three Halo first-person shooters, the United Nations Space Command's story rewinds a few decades in Halo Wars. The game grants you command of both the human UNSC forces and their archenemy, the theocratic alliance of the Covenant. Halo Wars offers quality cinematic presentation and a simple control scheme that makes the game easy to pick up and play, but the limited amount of units, short campaign, and dearth of multiplayer modes make it ultimately feel stripped. Halo Wars is a fun playthrough for casual real-time strategy and Halo fans, but there's not enough depth to win over hardcore strategy buffs.

The Good:
* Superb selection of UNSC and Covenant forces
* Easy to play once you grasp the controls
* Engaging storyline and cutscenes
* Good mission variety through campaign mode.

The Bad:
* Covenant not playable in campaign mode, Flood not playable at all
* Small unit counts and map limit the scale of battles
* Very few multiplayer options.

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TheColbertinator3503d ago

WTF? Ah whatever.Gamespot was losing it anyway

TheColbertinator3503d ago

I don't cry over games.Its Gamespot's opinion and they have a right to it,David.In any case I thought Halo Wars was ok but there are better RTS games out there now like Red Alert 3,Empire,and Dawn of War II.

DavidMacDougall3503d ago

Im gettin the demo of Empire through steam right now!! Love these types of games but when you mix them with power rangers, it fails

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

...More Vigara needed for the xBox 360!!! ;-D

Helghast Slayer3503d ago

Hahaha Hahahaha OMG LMFAO this is what you call an EPIC FLOP. I think the firings due to the recession has ridden a lot of xbasement boys from these once M$ butt sites. Looks like all the free pass givers have been fired for a right cause.

That's the lowest score yet and rightfully so for an overhyped pos like skittle wars.

trancefreak3503d ago

ahaha at Stevie Kleenex was made 4 ya lolz

rbrtchng3503d ago

I agree that GS is utter crap.

But I didn't like the game either.

theKiller3502d ago

all this year so far they have nothing of an AAA title!! they may have good titles but they r average games u could find even on PS2!!

while ps3 have

killzone 2
uncharted 2
God of war 3
heavy rain
FF13 for japan
and probably more which we dont know yet

Le Idiotce3502d ago

All the other review sites with their 8s and 9s are a fking disgrace and are shameless xbots who rate every 360 exclusive higher with 1 or 2 points.

This game is a CONSOLE RTS. It was doomed from the beginning.
Its a 3 hour long game. If this was a PS3 game, then expect: "omg I ain paying 600 bucks for a 3 hour game", "this is a rental not a full game" lame type of comments.

But AS EXPECTED, when the same crap appears on the 360, not one of these so called "objective" review sites mention the same flaws.

Their opinion are worth as much as the dog shiat that you find on the streets.

Lamo wars is a console RTS and its receiving as much of a praise as the RTS classics like Age of Empires 2, Starcraft etc. THAT IS A FKING DISGRACE.

Anyone who really plays computer games and who really plays RTS, knows that this Piece of shiat called Lamo halo wars is a shallow piece of shiat that doesnt even hold a candle against the beta of the classic RTSs I mentioned above.

Not only is it shallow, short, with shiatty controls, its also (NOT SURPRISINGLY) a short project they crammed in together.

And anyone who thinks Ensembles Studios will continue to support...Ooo woops, I mean "ROBOTNIK" is going to support this POS with additional DLC is out of their mind and quite frankly a delusional xbot.

Ensembles has closed down. 75% of the staff, now works for ROBOTNIK as a independant 3rd party studio. The small amount who still works for MS, are working for MS with new functions that has nothing to do with games.

There is no one out there who still gives a flying fk about making additional halo war maps.

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rucky3503d ago

Cmon Gamespot it's Halo. You know the 360 EXCLUSIVE franchise.

Abash3503d ago

I can't believe such a big 360 game for 2009 would be scored so badly. Especially a Halo game

chaosatom3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Or they are MAD that MS stopped sending them money because of recession. Sony couldn't have send them the money. They didn't even Send them a copy of Killzone 2.

I was Guessing atleast a 9 from them, because of Halo and gamespot is crazy over HALO.

This would be a flop all over in the Open Zone ----->

And off course, someone is going to try to compare it to Killzone 2 to defend Halo Wars and say that it will sell more than Killzone 2 so it doesn't matter and the cycle continues.

table3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

gamespot usually give quite good scores to big name games. though other reviews suggest its better than what gamespot believe it to be.

Jinxstar3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

First thing as far as these cons go

* Covenant not playable in campaign mode, Flood not playable at all
* Very few multiplayer options.

I bet you 10 - 1 they will release DLC and fix this for the fair price of (insert X overpriced amount here)

Next I agree it is getting below expected scores but I was never a fan of Halo 3 but I feel that I could somehow get more into this then regular halo.... Thats about all the praise I have for it though. I agree with the review. buy the game when it drops in price... Or rent

UltimaEnder3503d ago

It's pretty obvious that Gamespot saw all the scores from this morning and wanted to be different, to make sure their stupid site got some traffic, how can anyone really trust them after the whole Jeff Gerstmann debacle....wait til you see their Killzone 2 review!!!

SupaPlaya3503d ago


The score is bit low compared to the current average, mostly in the 8-9 range.

Aclay3503d ago

WTF!!!!! I'm very surprised at this review score, especially considering it comes from Gamespot. I expected them to give Halo Wars nothing lower than a Solid 8.

Mikerra173503d ago

so much for them being biased like everyone said

Kaliumhest3503d ago

I'm cancelling my preorder. And I finally thought Microsoft would do something right.

jammy_703503d ago

they gave halo 3 a 9.5!
thats just crazy man!

now for thekillzone 2 review come on already!!!

TheTwelve3503d ago

Cmon. Most people who buy this game for "Halo" will turn it off after the first 15 minutes.

Only 15 missions and very easy A.I.? Is that right? The game can be beaten in a few hours? Did he say that? Wait, let me replay that...

...yep, he said that. I don't know how this can revolutionize RTS games when it isn't even hardcore---and only hardcore players do RTS games.


darthv723503d ago

This is a game based on the time before the actual "Halo" ring world. So isn't it a safe bet that the flood wouldn't be in this game at all? Considering they were introduced in the actual halo 1 game that is.

It would be sweet to play as the flood if they do in fact take place in this game. Same goes for the covenant. the score represents what they view as the game now. Not the potential it could gain from dlc down the road. The reviews from other sites are more on the long term effect that the game will get better thanks in part to expanding the levels with new dlc.

6.5 is a bit low for me but a solid 8 is what I am giving it.

bassturd3503d ago

yep...pretty surprising. So out of two exclusives for 2009 and it sux bawls apparently. Not much else to look forward to exclusively this year that I know of for the 360. Only Halo ODST....and I could not give a flying f*ck about Halo.

Bnet3433503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

lol what they said under the bad does not warrant a 6.5. Bunch of losers, they just want to get hits for their site.

EDIT: My bad, UltimaEnder pretty much said it best, they want to be the big dawg and get hits.

Rekyyli3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

- Sony paid them off
- The site is owned by Sony
- It´s a spacewide conspiracy
- The site is biased
- 98% of the gaming sites favor the PS3 over the 360
- Actually the whole media is biased against the 360

- Maybe I´m a fanboi

When Killzone 2 scored lower than 9.5 points ,85% of the comments looked like that. It was fvcking hilarious. Laughed my ass out bigtime. The bottom line here is that both are good games. What´s the problem here? Reviewer´s horrible fish ´n´ chips accent? lul.

But seriously, this is a solid +8 game. For RTS fans even better.
Played the sh1t out of the demo. Gettin this day one.

Lol, check out the open zone --> pretty much all sony fanbois gathered there and bashing the game, pretty epic sh1t. N4G for the win, or not.

Bnet3433503d ago

Rekyyli got it right. Imagine if this was a Killzone 2 review from Gamespot? Yeah ... this site would blow up and people actually saying Halo Wars sucks based on a Gamespot review would be furious. Look at Metacritic, reviews are all favorable, Gamespot just wants to be the one with balls and like I said, their The Bad does not warrant a 6.5.

FrankenLife3503d ago

It was scored the way it was for no reasons regarding bias. It was scored like that because the reviewer is a huge RTS fan. If he is going to give an RTS a great score, then it is going to have to be deep, full of options, have long involving missions, and be challenging. He griped about the game not having those things. Though he did recommended the game to RTS noobs and Halo fans.

facepalm3503d ago


God... Those drinks I had last night must have been awesome, or I must be in Bizarro land.

Rock Bottom3502d ago

The Bad does not warrant a 6.5 ?

"Small unit counts and map limit the scale of battles" could pretty much break an RTS game, anyone who played an RTS would know that.

Just for the recored, weren't you just now complaining about the score? Yet, two comments later you were laughing at how PS3 fanboys always complain about scores.

Anyhow, I always loved Ensemble's RTS games(not as much as C&C games though), I would love to give Halo Wars a try.

TheDude2dot03502d ago

This is kind of sketchy. There seems to be little Cons, and more Pros.

king dong3502d ago

logged onto news for losers, and what do i see? two halo wars reviews at the top. and one thats got almost twice the comments....i just knew this one would have a bad score and be full of the usual sony fanboys that stricken this very sad site..

and guess what, i was right! you just cant top n4g when it comes to trolling, virgin loser fanboys.

congrats, another sad moment for gaming

nix3502d ago

if anything below 9 is a flop then this indeed is mega flop. and oh.. for those who are suddenly saying "gameplay matters", wasn't it "sales"? or was it "graphics?" wake me up when you make up your minds. actually forget it. i don't wanna end up like Rip Van Winkle.

xwabbit3502d ago

lol king dong plz, your comments rlly show who is the fan boy. Troll more and protect your system more :(. I bet ur one of those that would buy anything with halo infront lol

thenickel3502d ago

Trust me...You sound much more like a fanboy then he does.

f7897903502d ago

What do you expect? It does not matter who is making it because RTSs dont work well on consoles. It will sell well though thanks to people blindly buying it.

edgeofblade3502d ago

I loved the HW demo, but, just like Killzone 2 reviews, they have their right to say whatever they want. It's a free press.

But the attitude that RTS can't work on a console no matter what is awfully short sighted. HW does work on a console despite the conventional wisdom against it.

king dong3502d ago

pls stfu! i was making an educated observation, not leaping to the defense of microsoft or it's games like many a sony lover on here. perhaps you or the four losers who agreed with you can put me straight????

thenickel: cheers mate. i see not everyone wears blinkers on here!

thenickel3502d ago

RTS's are in fact possible on console as seen with HW. I guess your one of those people that still believe that FPS's can't work on console either. I wonder makes you think that people buy into halo blindly? There are many people that love the story and will purchase it because of that and gameplay alone. You see it's not always about graphics and your hate for the franchise is fairly obvious.

edit kong: Hey no problem...just don't let these hypocritic fanboys bother you. We all know that they are going to attack any 360 related site as long as they can.

king dong3502d ago

i know, it's sad really. just look at every solid halo wars review, and they are all pretty much devoid of comments...but the first one with a negative review is 200+ comments..

by far the worst community on the web resides at n4g.

xwabbit3502d ago

lol yeah thenickel, look at my comments and look how fan boy they sound... NOT... nt tho.. oh and look at the submissions i approve and the submissions i have made.

king dong3502d ago

why did you all forget to post in these reviews

why? was it because these are solid reviews and leave no room for the pathetic trolling/fanboyism so blantantly displayed here?

answer please?

xwabbit3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Lol king that comment is so smart LOL!. Y ? because those didn't get to the top. I entered this review cus it has over 900% of heat so i said something must be interesting here. BTW did i say something bad about the game ? No so plz stop with ur retarded comments, look at my comments and find something bad i have sad about an xbox game. GL finding it. IF you where smart trolling means getting into every article related and talking crap. You just make ur self look smarter in each comment. Look what a said about the xbox game star ocean review b4 u keep making ur smart comments
I have defended every console so plz, don't talk what u dk

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Kaliumhest3503d ago

I'll pass. It doesn't look very appealing.

pain777pas3503d ago

My words exactly. I don't care about the score I make up my own mind. The game does not appeal to me either whether Halo's in the title or not. Mario party rates low for them too mind you!

sonarus3503d ago

lol Sony must have paid them off

Abash3503d ago

And the fanboyism starts. Anyone could turn that around and say it's because MS didn't pay them at all.

sonarus3503d ago

lol i just find it funny that any bad review always seems to be due to pay off

SupaPlaya3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

with Sonarus on this one.

1) I think he is being sarcastic.
2) It is funny.

OH MY Gamespot must be paid off by Sony!!!


Better yet, MS finally ran out of $$ to pay!!!

See it goes both ways :P

TenSteps3503d ago

due to the recession MS couldn't afford to pay Gamespot anymore :)

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