Street Fighter IV Zero Compromise 720p Comparison Video

Running at 60fps, the PS3 port's compromises almost seem to magically disappear. The Eurogamer slow-motion videos do a good job of highlighting the differences in the game, but I'd really like you to take a look at the VC-1 download, because it demonstrates extremely well how the smoothness of 60fps motion does so much in maintaining image quality.

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jams_shop3503d ago

So to notice the differences we have to zoom the image 300%

rucky3503d ago

and actually buy two games for each system.

SupaPlaya3503d ago

and I approve this message.

voodoo3413503d ago

These guys must hope that if they say there's a difference often enough people will be brain washed enough to believe it. They look about as identical as identical can look.

arika3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

if you play this game with an electron microscope on your face you will probably see a tiny difference, but is that normal. just play on and enjoy the game.

theEnemy3503d ago

gamers would actually see the difference while playing SF4 and all of it's visual glory.

rroded3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Im betting damn if they aint trying tho...

Guess gamings like everything else nowdays bs spin n hype.

grkblood133503d ago

why is the text below the ps3 version zoom capture not as clear as the 360s. seems like they blurred the ps3's version intentionally. i smell something fishy....

Lifendz3503d ago

then its a difference not worth mentioning.

Rainbox Six Vegas (the first one) and Madden 08 were the last two games that really p!$$ed me off in terms of port quality. SF4 appears to have such a minimal difference and yet this is like the 5th article I've seen on it.

Fanboy fodder?

FarEastOrient3503d ago

Shouldn't we try to memorize the combos instead of zooming in 300% to see any differences?

boodybandit3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

but only fanboys trying to prove they are on the right side of the fence would argue them.

My honest opinion is purchase the one for the system you own and be thrilled. If you do own both consoles get the one more of your friends own. If you want to know personally what an HT enthusiast like myself thinks? Get the PS3 version.

Street Fighter is my all time favorite fighting game. I usually prefer multiplatform games on the 360 (ever so slightly) but this is one time I strongly prefer the PS3 version over the 360 and it's not just the controller.

You have to see them in person using the same output (HDMI) and the exact same video settings and you will honestly see the differences.

Now this is just my opinion. What I prefer graphically others may not but when it comes to a game like this with cell shading I prefer stronger vibrant colors over AA. I like the lack of AA in the PS3 version. Again that might just be me but I did side by side (for several hours) testing with quite a few people and they all preferred the PS3 version. Most of them don't even own a PS3.

If you really want to know? Try and find a way to view them for yourselves. These comparisons are usually poorly done and skewed to favor one over the other.

Another thing and again if I am being totally honest? If you own a decent sound system the PS3 version, as usual, has better clarity and imaging. People that own both systems with decent sound setups know what I am talking about. It saddens me that 5.1 and now 7.1 exist yet it's barely ever discussed when game reviews are done. Then again gaming journalism is garbage these days.

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Bot Repellent3503d ago

And put a magnifying glass next to your HDTV

HDgamer3503d ago

And not play the game and also come up with bogus reasons for comparisons. This is for fanboys not gamers, this doesn't affect nor change my gameplay experience.

360 man3503d ago

now im starting to get bored with these street fighter 4 comparissons

i think we can all agree they should give it a rest

Graphics Whore3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

This is getting so sad when you have to see the actual differences at %300 times magnification. They look the exact same.

mrmikew20183503d ago

well said, why can't people just understand that's it's a great game on both systems, who cares if the PS3 is brighter and shaper, does it really matters if both systems play great. Now you got every no-name sites, saying the pixels look better on the 360? Never mind you damn near got to become one with your TV to the notice the difference. Damn fanboys make me sick.

jaidek3503d ago

Some of us like to know the technical differences between the platforms, no matter how small. Whether it be anti-aliasing, tearing, frame rate issues or load times. When it comes to ports, there will always be a winner and loser. It's just how it always has been. I have no allegiance to either Sony or MS. I own both consoles and prefer to purchase the definitive version, plain and simple. Especially since they are the same price.

If you own only a PS3, then get the game on the PS3. Same goes for the Xbox 360. But if you own both systems you really should be paying more attention to these comparisons and purchase the better experience. Consider this "Consumer Reports" for gamers.

Or you could just stop looking at comparisons altogether and think your version is fine the way it is. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.

callahan093503d ago

I have a PS3 and a 360 and I bought the PS3 version because I prefer the PS3's d-pad and because I prefer trophy-hunting to achievement hunting (though I doubt that I'll get many trophies for this game, they seem really tough!) ... Graphical differences were never even a thought for my decision.

dan881233503d ago

Graphics are overrated. If you want good graphics watch 300 in hd.

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