GDC: Age Of Conan Impressions

During GDC today Firesquad got another look at Age of Conan, the upcoming fantasy MMORPG from developer Funcom that takes place in the universe made famous by Robert E. Howard's novels.

"One thing we got to see in this build that we didn't see at CES is the character customization screen. Age of Conan gives you the choice of three playable factions and we got to see how you can alter the shape of your playable creation at will. You can make him look like a Conan like muscle bound warrior or something smaller and thinner. There are also tons of facial choices you can choose from, including hair and facial hair styles.

As in CES, the build of Age of Conan we saw today was running on Vista in DirectX10 but this time the level of detail in the graphics was greatly improved with lush vegetation, detailed armor for your character to wear and more. While there are still bugs in the build (particularly a shadow bug), the visuals were a few steps above what we have seen previously."

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dachiefsman4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

From what I saw, it reminds me of a hack'n slash but mmo style...I am pretty pumped...cause i played both FF XI and Fantasy Star and I thought they sucked....FF XI I didn't like the game play at all (about have to party at all times)....Fantasy Star was just a lil bizarre for my taste...

Plus you can hack off limbs and that never gets old!

Blasphemy4302d ago

Can you provide a link to that video Dachiefsman? I would like to see it. I too played both of these games. I am/was a fan of phantasy star but PSU just wasn't what I thought it would be. I played ffxi for two years but in all honesty I hated that game. It was the players that kept me there.

Age of Conan looks like it will be an amazing game and I am looking into getting into it.