Lost Odyssey this Christmas, Blue Dragon in August

In a pre-GDC meeting with 1UP, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed that Lost Odyssey, the second RPG from Sakaguchi's Mistwalker Studios, would ship this Christmas simultaneously in Japan and the United States. This simultaneous release comes as no big surprise, as Lost Odyssey seems to be more targeted toward a Western audience. Some of the proof of this can be found in Lost Odyssey's lip-syncing; the game is being lip-synced with English actors and the Japanese will be dubbed. Additionally, Sakaguchi said that the U.S. release of Blue Dragon is currently slated for an August release. In line with Microsoft's strategy for downloadable content, Blue Dragon has plans for downloadable content -- that content includes a new dungeon.

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Boink4300d ago

I can't wait for blue dragon

Lex Luthor4300d ago

Now THAT is the game i'm looking forward to.

BenzMoney4300d ago

How is it that Blue Dragon is taking them 9 months to change over to english? NINE MONTHS?! That's like half of a development cycle for some games - unacceptable. I really wanted Blue Dragon, but as time pushes forward and all these other games are on the horizon its starting to fall down my list and might even fall off it completely. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Forza 2, Fable 2, etc, are all higher on my list than Blue Dragon.

Zinswin4300d ago

Blue Dragon is going to miss a lot of sales in the US because anyone who wants an RPG is going to go with the grown up games that are coming out soon -- not a game that is for kids, like just about every other JRPG. Can someone say the FF series? Yuck. Kiddie time.

Now Losy Odyssey looks interesting, but I'd like to see gameplay first.

jpod4300d ago

Blue Dragon just in time for my bday. that will be great. lost odyssey on same day as japan release is good too. can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.