PS3 still the best console for the Tekken 6

PS3 Blog writes: "Tekken has been with PlayStation since the beginning. I even played Tekken 1 at the arcades. So I'm a die hard Tekken fan. I was a little saddened to see Tekken 6 being released on the 360. But I'm happy to see that the PlayStation 3 is still the lead platform.

There are also rumors of Sony trying to snag exclusive DLC for Tekken 6. I hope that's true. Tekken owes it's success to the PlayStation brand. No word on what the DLC might be."

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PirateThom3532d ago

The PS3 has to be the lead platform... the arcade units were built with PS3 hardware.

Lifendz3532d ago

Devil May Cry 4 and GTA 4 took that away from me. FFXIII was the straw that broke that back. I really don't care anymore about this stuff. So long as both versions are good, and the PS3 version isn't subpar, let the 360 guys enjoy the game as well.

It's not like we don't have a plethora of exclusives coming this year.

solidsnakus3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

who cares about tekken, i have a 360 and if i were to buy a fighter it be a good game like sc4 or doa4

Gun_Senshi3532d ago

lol! DoA is not even a fighting game hahahahaha

Neoraf3532d ago

For me it's a buy on my Xbox 360.

Tekken + Xbox Live = Best match.
Tekken + Achievments = Addiction.

Tekken + Tekken FightPad = Only way a true Tekken fan (like me) will play it. (console controller isn't allowed for purist.)

ape0073532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

that other devs take note and build their games on ps3 architecture,cell spu's and the blu-ray huge capacity

bioshock 2,dev stated that blu-ray is better

gta 5,sam and dan houser claimed that gta 5 maybe too big for 360,gta is also a big game with so much going on,they will need the cell

rage,you all know this

cod:mw 2,I really wish IW take advantage of ps3's specs,a cod game need it

come on devs go on the seas are open :)

kevoncox3532d ago

This article is written by a fanboy..
" i was sadden to hear that it's going to the 360"

WTF, why should that sadden you? Does that cause your Ps3 to stop working? Are your fingers unable to work because of this news? This is why I hate fanboys, they feel the ened to justify their choice of gaming hardware. Do I explain to my neighboor why I bought a Sony DVD player

ape0073532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )


tekken+trophies=more addiction than achievement(platinum trophy)


tekken+ds3=best controlles ever

tekken+ps3=developed specially for it as said in the articale "it’s going to be a big challenge to bring the game to the Xbox 360"

and there are rumors that ps3 version has exclusive dlc

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OmarJA3532d ago

Actually all fighting games are better on the PS3...

Stryfeno23532d ago

And all Shooters are better on the 360.

blackbeld3532d ago

Everybody knows Tekken on PS3 is better, plays better, graphics better, online better....

@patch seems like you never played Tekken before so... please stop trolling.

Obama3532d ago

Well killzone 2 is not on the 360 so you are partially wrong.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3532d ago

...EVERYTHING on the PS3 is Better;)

Darrius Cole3532d ago

All fighters are better on PS3 because.....for the ONE MILLIONTH TIME the PS3 D-Pad is much better.

TheMART3532d ago

@ obama

Well KZ2 is @ 9.2 on Metacritic

Gears 1 is on 9.4
Gears 2 is on 9.3
Halo 3 is on 9.4

So sorry dude. The better shooters are on the 360. But hey, KZ2 has nice death animations. That's worth something!

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Cajun Chicken3532d ago

Personally can't wait for Tekken 6 on the PS3. Love Tekken, besides Tekken 5 and Tekken:DR got it so right after Tekken going a little off for a while, Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, didn't like them.

jams_shop3532d ago

PS + Tekken = me buys. Tekken + other system = no sell(for me)

CaptainHowdy3532d ago

I think i've said enough....

jetlian3529d ago

sf4 pads are great. its better than the 360 and ps3 controllers!!!

i know it sounds crazy but its really good

Raoh3532d ago

and tekken is one of the most complicated games when it comes to executing moves. it would suck to try a long hit combo only to have the d pad not respond properly mid way through the combo...

Tekken is no Half Circle fireball and jump fighter.

Sprudling3532d ago

Can you remind me what moves are hard in Tekken? I played Tekken for years, but I can't recall anything much harder than the f,qcf-type of moves, except of course with a few exceptions, but all games have those.

I actually think Soul Calibur has slightly harder moves overall with its many double-diagonal moves (the quick way to execute dialogal 8-way-run moves).

Btw, the hardest single move I know of is Ivy's just frame Calamity Symphony. I've never seen it used outside practice mode and I probably never will :)

LONEWOLF2313532d ago

Its funny how fighting games are indeed better on the PS3 WHILE FPS are better suited on the 360 controller.

sak5003532d ago


Yeah and all fps are better on 360.

The 360 controller rocks

Raoh3531d ago

You dont just do a 4 or 5 button combo in tekken you do a 4 or 5 button combo followed by a 4 or 5 button combo followed by ............. etc

Impossible Tekken Moves

and its not a cheesing moves over and over its different moves followed by different moves followed by different moves

tekken separates the amateurs from the pros

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