Sony Losing 3rd Party Exclusives Made The PS3 Shine writes:

When I first heard news of Grand Theft Auto going mulitplatform I was shocked, a little mad, and admittedly a bit nervous. Next came Devil May Cry, a franchise once only available on PlayStation consoles. After that went Tekken, along with many others. The most recent was a major shock to the gaming community, with Final Fantasy XIII going to Xbox 360. So how does all of this benefit us PlayStation 3 owners?

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I mean, come on, Uncharted or Resident Evil?

The great thing is, Sony aren't stopping with these quality titles, and the first party games demonstrate the true power of the ps3.

1st party > 3rd party

BulletToothtony3557d ago

it makes the contender fight harder... strive for the best.. bring lower prices.. spend those extra 2 months polishing a game so it looks better..

Look at the wii.. there is no contender to the wii.. (ps2 is not a casual console) and since there is no competition developers have made the crappiest games with cool titles and sadly people let themselves go by title just to be totally disappointed by terrible gameplay and hideous graphics.

You can either look at it as, man the ps3 is doomed cause it lost Devil May Cry,(as an exclusive, you can still play it) or you can look at it in wow look at GOW3, and make you realize that having bought the most powerful console is definitely paying off.

chaosatom3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

If we lost Killzone 2, MGS4, Uncharted, GT5, GOW3 then Sony could have lost big things, but luckily those things aren't possible on the other console.

king dong3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

spending years and lots of money on games helps make your products shine. plus, already buying lots of first party devs over the years has also helped.

another especially for n4g blog. can we have some real news please.

chaosatom: can you post a link confirming which studio you work for, and how many games you made. then everyone would know if your qualified to make such a statement!

if not, the open zone is a click away-------->

Sev3557d ago

@ king dong,

The name suits you... Bubbles -

Nineball21123557d ago

King Dong... troll zone is that way ------>
and you obviously belong there.

Great article Sev and I agree with you 100%.

eagle213557d ago

Bioshock, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Eternal Sonata, etc.

PS3 exclusives laugh at 360. :)

StalkingSilence3557d ago

I think it's nice because in-house developers can share the code they come up with, with other teams. So all of the atmospheric effects from KZ2 can be implemented in future games.

The 1st party devs are trail-blazers and testing out the hardware. It will make it easier over the 10+ year run of the PS3 for others to code for the console.

The Lazy One3557d ago

...just compare resident evil to uncharted?

they aren't even in the same genre! At least Splinter Cell and MGS4 (though still not really comparable as they play completely differently) were in the same genre when they were compared.

GarandShooter3557d ago

Then what genre are they? Resident Evil hasn't been survival horror since RE4. They are both action/action adventure 3rd person shooters.

LastDance3557d ago

"When I first heard news of Grand Theft Auto going mulitplatform I was shocked, a little mad, and admittedly a bit nervous"

isnt that comment funny.Because...GTA has never been playstation exclusive.....ever.


theyre the ones dedicated to us. although there are some good multiplats, exclusives are where its at

cayal3557d ago

I got a question - what was the last Sony made PS3 game that got horrible reviews?

Mr Tretton3557d ago

"I got a question - what was the last Sony made PS3 game that got horrible reviews?"

Socom Confrontation

indyman77773557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Where was this crap when xbox(1) had little 3rd party support? You didn't say this then because you would have laughed at such stupidity! Are you telling me that Kill zone 2 and god of war 3 would not be on PS3 if GTA IV and FFXIII had not gone multi? Think first. Because for one Kill Zone was already being hyped in 2004 and they presented the first fake real time of the game in 2005 even making one of the characters disappear and redraw to make it seem like it really was real time. God of war was already a hit as a series way before FFXIII was announced multi platform. New saying: you can fool some of the people some of the time, and most of the people ALL OF THE TIME. They don't think things through for themselves if it is what they want to hear. Bottom line Sony would have done there best even without this. And having those games as exclusives would have meant more competition which is what really makes a first party game aim higher.

Bloodwar3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

bought a PS3 this week for my birthday that came with Uncharted:Drake's Fortune and I bought Resistance 1 and 2, and Heavenly Sword as well as two Blue Rays, Transformers and Iron Man. I am now a proud owner of both consoles and look forwards to some more maddening 40 player and 60 player shootouts in the Resistance games. Man, oh f'ing man. What an awsome console and kick A$$ games to boot. I will tell you this, Thursday morning, 430 a.m., I logged into both Resistance games and didn't have any problems whatsoever with getting into servers that were filling up quick. I played one game each because I had to get to bed after picking up the console from Walmart that night and is crazy to think that at 430 a.m., you are going to get into full 60 player and 40 player games during the week day. Holy cow. Sony...keep up the good work! It will keep Microsoft on their toes and it means a win win for us gamers; especially us multi-console owners.

LeonSKennedy4Life3557d ago

Slant Six SUCKS!

Zipper, the former Socom creators, are making MAG...which looks INCREDIBLE!

king dong3557d ago

ah, i see why you're unhappy, it's your rubbish blog! lol

you wasn't leaping to the defense of the guy above me, just defending your crappy blog!

as i said, wheres the real news? your blog certainly is not!

jammy_703556d ago

and in 09, sonys where u wanna be.

The Lazy One3556d ago

Last year from august to the end of the year, 3rd party multi plats had:

Rock Band 2
Mercenaries 2
Star Wars: force unleashed
Silent Hill
Dead Space
Far Cry 2
Fallout 3
End War
Mirrors Edge
The Last Remnant
Prince of Persia

That was in one quarter of the year. In january so far, LotR, Skate 2, Fear 2, and Street Fighter 4 have been released.

That is a ridiculous amount of good-great games, none of which are exclusive.

The Lazy One3556d ago

that was supposed to be under the next comment.

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Zeus Lee3557d ago

Yes,not making 3rd Party games their main focus and priority was a smart move as it enables them to invest more money into their first party.

No,losing SOME 3rd party games wasn't a smart move at all,I don't think I have to mention which ones at this point.

BulletToothtony3557d ago

of course having a lot of exclusives helps zeus but is not like sony sold them.. the company decided that they would make a bigger profit if they went multi. And as a business me and you would've done the same.

I rather sony spend money on 1st party games than had pay them 10, 20 or even 50 mil to keep them..

I think that what seb is saying is that, if sony still had all those 3rd party exclusives maybe they wouldn't had put as much effort on 1st party.

Of course is not a FOR SURE "theory" but it does make sense..

Sev3557d ago

I never said it was a smart move. Only that it made PS3 first party titles better...


Marceles3557d ago

I still think Sony would make quality first party titles even if they didnt lose the exclusives. I just don't like how MS is marketing third party games like they're exclusive to the 360. Basically they're saying "if you want third party games on a cheaper system, buy a 360 for $200." It's a smart strategy though because it seems like people are scared of new IPs and like to buy what's safe and what they know. There's alot of people that actually think most of the third party games are only on the 360 when that's not true. We saw on the Aaron Greenberg interview with Adam Sessler that he didn't have anything to talk about but bragging about showcasing Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 at E3 when we all know they're multiplatform, and the usual hits from the Gears and Halo series.

We'll see how much longer their strategy holds up, but its kinda cheap in my opinion. PS3's first party games are really standing out now and people should really get a chance to see this stuff. The new Killzone 2 trailer looked good, but they didn't have any disclaimer to let the consumer know it's footage from the in-game engine. If I was Sony I would have in big bold letters IN-GAME FOOTAGE!!! blinking on the screen through the whole thing lol. It just makes it look like any other a little bit better advertsing would really help, but I don't know what they'll do about MS pushing out third party games like they're exclusive to the 360.

The Lazy One3557d ago

I stand behind this whole heartedly. The third party multi-plat lineup for the past 2 years has outshone any exclusive lineup. To be quite frank, it makes the first party studios not as important as they used to be.

If I know I can still play 12/15 best games released in a year, I will still be perfectly happy. It makes price a much bigger factor than it used to be when consoles were made on their exclusive lineups, where there were maybe 5-10 games shared between platforms. We're reaching a point where if a great fps/rpg/tps/etc comes out on one console, you're probably going to have another great fps/rpg/tps/etc on your console that will more than satisfy you.

Will I miss out on KZ2, quite frankly yes, and it's nothing against the game. I'm sure it is phenomenal. At the same time, I have more than enough games that I want to play to keep me content with my gaming experience.

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s8anicslayer3557d ago

Sony has to have it's first party games really shine or whats the incentive for people to purchase a ps3 over a 360?Sony has stated in the past that it was going to focus on first party ip's instead of buying exclusives..

RedVsBlue3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

None of the PS3 Exclusives sold as much as Halo 3 & Gears did in record time. But there is still room for that one first game but right now the install base won't help

Pennywise3557d ago

Who cares? Sales =/= Quality.

Gaara_7243557d ago

that makes no sence buy youre own logic youre saying titanic is better than batman: the dark knight?
titanic = $1,835,300,000
the dark knight = $999,371,157
thats almost 1 billion more but we all know the quality is with the dark knight or how youre xbox is worse than the ps1 since the ps1 has sold more

fallingdove3557d ago

Given the fact that Sony has more than 21 million PS3s in the wild, installed base isn't much of an argument anymore.

The problem Sony has is the tastes of the installed base. With the 360, you have a large population that purchased the system for its quality shooters. So, when the next new shooter comes out 8 million people jump on that game, that is the genre they prefer.

Because of Sony's diverse genre portfolio over the years,the installed base dynamic is slightly different. You might have 4 million fans that purchased the system potentially for JRPGS, another 7 million that purchased the system for action games like God of War, a third segmented group that bought the system for shooters, another group for racing games.

Due to this structure, Sony doesn't have the 2 or 3 mega hits that 360 has had, but they have 4 or 5 exclusives during the year sell 1 million, 2 million, or as many as 4 million.

Narutone663557d ago

the PS3 have diverse game to choose from and that it's user base is not limited to one genre. A lot of PS3's games sold really well. From games like driving to FPS to action adventure.

LeonSKennedy4Life3557d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 outsold Gears...

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kevnb3557d ago

last gen I enjoyed the xbox most, this gen Im enjoying the ps3.