Wii becomes the mature zombie platform of choice

All of a sudden it seems zombies are everywhere – especially on the Wii. With the release of "Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayer" and the upcoming "Dead Rising: Chop till you drop," the Wii is on the cusp of hosting an unprecedented number of Mature-rated zombie games.

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Gun_Senshi3555d ago

#Aw come on only geeks that never got laided will play that game

Myst3555d ago

Not to be mean but I disagree, it has a story to it; but you would have had to play the previous games. Also the title of the game was meant to be Oneechanbara: Revolution (Japanese name) which was to be named for what the Wii was originally going to be called: "Nintendo Revolution." It was merely the American counterpart of D3 that made it into that type of game. Overall if you can get past the scantly dressed women it's pretty fun (on PS2 and such) Wii is okay, but feels pretty much kind of cheap to me, though still a bit fun. Wish it had a co-op of sorts.

INehalemEXI3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I still want to rent this. I may be a nerd or geek though.

PS360WII3555d ago

ummm because of a 360/Wii game and a port of a 360 game he makes that statement...

rrrrright. Though it does have HotD, RE4, RE:UC, and those already mentioned. Still not to sure about where this guy is coming from

Voiceofreason3555d ago

The Wii and 360 versions of Onechanbara are different games. One is not a port of the other. Dead rising also is not a port. More of a remake.Guess its the same case as Onechanbara, each version is similar but they are not the same game or a port.

You have House of the dead2 & 3, Dead Space: extraction, House of the dead overkill, RE Umbrella Chronicles, RE4, Onechanbara, Dead rising. 8 zombie games so far unless I missed any.

Mahr3554d ago

In all fairness, if we're just listing zombie games that have come out/been announced, the other systems have RE5, the original Dead Space, the original Dead Rising, the apparent Dead Rising sequel, Left4Dead, the other Onechanbara game, Zombie Outbreak, Zombie Wranglers, Dead Island, possibly Possession, and arguably Fallout 3.

"Zombie platform of choice" really depends on how one likes their zombie games, I suppose.