Killzone 2 - Full EU Advert

Here's the full length TV advert for Killzone 2 - on your TV screens from Monday. You've seen the teaser, this is the real thing.

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PirateThom3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

"Actual gameplay footage"

SCEE's marketing did the single thing they needed to do.

TheHater3215d ago

If this is real, then I like this ad a lot more than the US one. This ad really shows what Killzone 2 is all about with the chaos of battle. Oh and it did help to have "Actually IN-GAME" in it :)


Have they left it a little late?

PirateThom3215d ago

If these ads start on Monday, that's 5 days until Killzone 2 is actually released. I'm guessing they're going for saturation, where they'll show the ad a lot in a short space of time to maximise effect.

The ads will most likely continue for a while after.

sonarus3215d ago

this ad is better than US ad

TheTwelve3215d ago

They need to add the "Actual Gameplay Footage" for the NA commercial.


Sasanova3215d ago

i just shat bricks...brb, gotta rebuild the twin towers

Ghoul3215d ago


Everyone from germany go visit the KARSTADT, theyre selling it since today


all i can say is taht im totally stunned kz2 is incredible.

Nineball21123215d ago


All of the bullet tracers... it's just wild! Can't wait to get this game and get my @ss handed to me online! :-)

gaffyh3215d ago

This advert is pretty much perfect great trailer, "Actual Gameplay Footage", Only On Playstation 3.

nizza3215d ago

This is already airing in the UK.

They aired it in the advert break for Skins on E4 last night.
The last series of Skins had over 60% of the 16 - 24 year old demographic.

Are Sony getting their act together with the marketing for this game or what!

jammy_703215d ago

if i didnt no about the game and saw that... i might thing bout buying it, and thats why the advert is a sucsess!

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Wildarmsjecht3215d ago

People were complaining about Sony not letting consumers know it was actual graphics in the teaser and if this is really the commercial for the UK..well, now they know. I like commercials that have the antagonist general rallying their men. Makes you get amped further to put them down.

yanikins1113215d ago

if there was a "defect" button id push it

DavidMacDougall3215d ago

Love the "In-game footage" at the bottom and also at the end "Only on PS3" :)

Parapraxis3215d ago

I'm pretty sure those details will be added in the final cut.

fallingdove3215d ago

I prefer the look of the NA ad, but I think SCEE got it right in noting 'in game footage' at the bottom of the screen.

I wish they would have emphasized the european slogan "Their Home, Your Hell" a bit more - maybe similarly to the NA ad that writes below the title "War Perfected"

All awesome stuff though. Bravo Sony.

MrJack3215d ago

that will grab the viewers attention, no stupid CGI here.

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The story is too old to be commented.