Bethesda Answers Your 'Fallout 3' DLC 'Pitt' Questions

MTV Multiplayer: Bethesda's Pete Hines fielded your questions about "Fallout 3" March expansion "The Pitt" yesterday, and we've got answers about gameplay length, new weapons, "a brand new kind of bleak," and more.

I wanted help. An hour before my hands-on session with "Fallout 3"'s second downloadable expansion "The Pitt," yesterday at the DICE Summit outside of Las Vegas, I asked readers of our Multiplayer Twitter feed to submit questions. The queries poured in. So, instead of just playing "The Pitt," I took your questions to Bethesda's p.r. guru Pete Hines, to get some answers.

Before you dig into this, the basics that you need to know about "The Pitt" is that it takes "Fallout 3? gamers to a ruined Pittsburgh with a mission to free slaves and find a cure for a disease. Players wind up amongst the slaves, facing choices about who to believe.

Hines and I at on a bench in the hotel suite where "The Pitt" was being demoed. I opened my laptop and we scrolled through these your questions:

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