Quake Live Open Beta Launches Next Week

"Quake Live---id Software's free web-based version of Quake III multiplayer--will finally open to the public next week, with an open beta for the shooter launching Tuesday, February 24.

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Cajun Chicken3259d ago

This is brilliance on behalf of Id.

okcomputer3259d ago

Q3A is still imo the best pure online multiplayer fps ever.

slinkey1233259d ago

im in the beta and its kinda pointless playing it in your browser, as you still have to install stuff on your PC. May aswell install quake 3 lol

ThatArtGuy3259d ago

However, since it's in your browser you can install it on multiple platforms. The download is much, much, smaller as well. Most of it is still on the server.

I'm in beta and it's great!

somekindofmike3259d ago

Good Stuff, i'm definitely going to be checking it out on tuesday, I loved quake 3!

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