Boomtown: RACE Pro review

Boomtown: Sooner or later a developer is going to take the handling and AI of RACE Pro, the graphics of GRID and the customization of Forza - and on that day the console racing game will be perfected.

As it stands RACE Pro is a bloody brilliant game that just lets the side down in presentational terms. Don't get me wrong, graphics aren't everything, but one would really expect a heck of a lot more from an Xbox 360 game these days for that well-rounded experience.

And for those who like to race online the multiplayer is rather good if somewhat hamstrung by a stupid design decision. You'll need to unlock cars before you can host races for those racing series - a really rather silly idea. But the actual online action itself is very good.

Yet while the game has plenty of niggles such as duplicated left-right mirrors, texture shimmer, dull lighting and the like the truth is that it plays better than any other racing sim I've played on console. There are better racing games out there for the current crop of consoles, but there isn't a better handling one whose aim is simulation.

I really do think RACE Pro is something rather special, as good as Killzone 2 in fact, so why not go out and buy it. Perhaps then we'll get a much prettier sequel.

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Nineball21123588d ago

Why did the reviewer even MENTION killzone 2 in this review? Does anyone else think that is beyond ODD?

Apparently, this is a pretty good game and it's getting good reviews, so whey even bring up KZ2?

They must be wanting hits from search engines when ppl type in Killzone 2?


Helghast Slayer3587d ago

Hahaha these M$ butt buddies must be dying for something to call a killer app. Why even bring up KZ2?

3quilibrium3587d ago

The reason the reviewer mentioned Killzone 2 was because he gave Killzone 2 an 8 out of 10 and the fanboys spat out their dummies and had a tantrum even though an 8 is a very good score on that site. Therefore when he gave this game an 8 he mentioned it since anyone who reads the reviews on Boomtown will have seen the uproar caused by the KZ2 review.
I hope that has sorted out the confusion. :D

3quilibrium3587d ago

Because he gave the same score to KZ2 and the fanboys went all pouty so I guess he mentioned it in this review to rub in the fact that 8 out of 10 is still a brilliant score.