Killzone 2 Multiplayer Better Than Halo 3?"Most of us have delivered their verdict on Killzone 2, with seemingly positive reviews the game seems to be on the desired track for its 27th February release. We finally got the option of trying our hands on the multiplayer component for a couple of hours and found it much more robust and more challenging than Halo 3's multiplayer component, which seemed to lag behind quite a bit when it came up against the diverse options that Killzone 2 laid out in front of our plate."

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topgeareasy3557d ago

hands down better then Galo 3

DavidMacDougall3557d ago

The people on the ps3 are older and smarter, there for the gameplay works better

ali3123557d ago

ha ha ha that was funny ' Galo 3 '

Sasanova3557d ago

dont forget, all those reviews on metacritic are single player campaign reviews only, with a few exceptions. most people reviewed the games multiplayer from looking at the videos and talk online, which doesnt come close to the actual experience so do your self a favor and every review you see boost it up couple of notches because they have no clue what multiplayer is like unless you played the beta...the game is to die for

sonarus3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Comparing the multiplayer is dumb imo. KZ2 is a sort of COD4 style shooter. And though a lot of people prefer COD4 style an equal amount of people will tell you Halo 3 is funner. They aren't really the same style, Halo has more robust features, Killzone 2 is more realistic. All in all it boils down to personal preference.

As for my personal preference i would have to say KZ2 because i hate the 50 foot jumping and shooting. But if we were to judge them in general KZ2, has better graphics, more players and bots and let me NOT forget awesome class system. Halo 3 has far more features and its more customizable, has vehicles and very open Maps. Its pretty much tie both are good multiplayers.

A lot will depend on GG community support but even though Halo 3 is almost 2yrs old it still gets MASSIVE playtime on XBox Live. I wonder if we can say that about KZ2 in 2yrs

Kaliumhest3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Killzone 2 will hopefully be just as good as Cod 4. Possibly better.

But it will definately be better than Halo 3.

Blademask3557d ago

Why do these idiots have to throw KZ2 at EVERYTHING. No one is saying "OK NOW THAT THIS GAME IS OUT WE ALL MUST BUY IT AND STOP PLAYING THE OTHER" NO G Dit NO.

The only thing KZ2 has done was:

- Show that the PS3 hardware is capable of things that are impossible otherwise
- Bring a good FPSw/Good Online.

Thats all GG/SOny promised, they delivered.. thats it. There are many more games coming down the pipe other than KZ2, and i feel like with the lack of anything exciting on the 360 side, we are going to get a nonstop retard fest of PS3 Exclusives vs (The Kitchen Sink)

RonRico3557d ago

"We finally got the option of trying our hands on the multiplayer component for a couple of hours and found it much more ROBUST and more challenging than Halo 3's multiplayer component".

crazypuppet3557d ago

To me, Halo 3 will always have the best multiplayer due to the fact that it has such depth in custom options, and also due to forge. I haven't played killzone 2s multiplayer, but unless it has comparable options to keep it fresh i doubt i will like it more then Halo 3s.

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fafoon3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Oh Hell Yeah
By a Trip to Uranus and Back

Nice3557d ago

and dont care I am getting this game on 27 th the world can go screw itself...

Dlacy13g3557d ago

I mean seriously... comparing the multiplayer play to a game 2 years old say a TON about Halo 3 and just how good it is. Personally I think Killzone 2 should be compared to Call of Duty games as its a better comparison since they both are offering similar game play. Either have to tip your hat to Halo 3 for still being the game to "beat".

822119863557d ago

we had loads of fun playing Halo 3 online, and the overall exp with Killzone 2 really topples that feeling, maybe the next COD will topple this feeling, who knows the gaming world is pretty unpredictble and volatile...

ali3123557d ago

to compare K2 to Halo is an insult to K2. Lets not even attempt to compare!!

fallingdove3557d ago

For me, while the Halo games have had dissappointing Single Player Campaigns, the multiplayer has always carried the redeeming quality for the titles.

If KZ2s multiplayer is being compared to Halo's robust muliplayer options then it identifies how rare/special Killzone 2 really is.

Sean Ryno3557d ago

Really, K2 is the most super-hyped game I have ever seen (including Halo 3) People think that K2 will be the BEST. Well, I have news for ya, according to amount played and purchases, Halo 3 is on top right now and has managed to stay there for 2 years steady. If you think K2 is gonna be "teh shizzle" then you gotta stand it up against the most successful out there.

Personally though I would compare it to COD4.

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