Free Transfers For Warhammer Online

Mythic have opened up another batch of free character transfers for players on a select number of servers in their MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Players on the destination realms, fear not! As a reward for welcoming the influx of new players, everyone already on these realms will receive an extra 20% experience and renown for limited time.

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AndyA3584d ago

Is this because they're planning on closing more servers, I wonder?

Fyzzu3584d ago

I was wondering that myself...

Medievaldragon3584d ago

Is it me or are they bragging they have too many players.

Maticus3584d ago

Hmm, is the 20% boost to XP a bribe so they won't grumble about being more populated..?

thetamer3584d ago

It's because of this I don't play MMOs!

Elly3584d ago

Because of character transfers or the 'incentive'?

Dorjan3584d ago

It's a choice, you're not forced!