Lens of Truth: Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick Review

Lens of Truth writes, "Street Fighter 4's release brings with it slew of new and awesome merchandise. The most important of all these things are of course, controllers. Let's take a look at the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick for the Xbox 360."

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RudeSole Devil3524d ago

Releasing a defected controller is garbage. I hope the $150 Tournament Arcade Stick is better.

Baron793524d ago

Real sanwa parts should make the difference. It better! But who knows with mad catz.

ArthurLee3524d ago

I was fooled by mad catz and bought this POS. I love the fightpad but this thing is ridiculous. It's got the grind and is going back.I hate the buttons.

Soul Train3524d ago

HA! I knew madcatz would make a garbage arcade stick. be wary of the $150.00 model!

Shogun Master3524d ago

What a disappointment, pull it off the shelves! Seriously, how could you f up a controller that looks that nice.