GamePro: Halo Wars Review

After spawning three best-selling first-person shooters, Bungie's futuristic universe is branching out into uncharted territory with the RTS title, Halo Wars. The good news is that Halo Wars masterfully transports the series' best elements to an entirely different genre, and its unparalleled accessibility makes for an excellent introduction to real-time strategy. The bad news is that its self-imposed limitations take a meaty chunk out of its longevity.

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MasFlowKiller3505d ago

great score for and RTS, hopefully we will see more RTS's coming to the consoles

DragonWarrior465343505d ago

exactly what I was thinking power. LOL at Gaylo Wars.

Power_Of_Flops_3504d ago

Yeah, now I'm afraid their 2010 only exclusive 'Halo Barbie Girl' will be a flop too.

3505d ago
tatotiburon3505d ago

another good gamespot?

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