Street Fighter IV Leading on PLAYSTATION3? Not in the UK.

There have been many reports in recent Electronic Theatre Imagedays proclaiming the success of Capcom's Street Fighter IV. Having launched in the US a few days ago, today it was Europe's turn to receive what is most likely to become the most successful Beat-'Em-Up on the Current-Generation.

Many reports of the overseas success have been concerned with the competition between the PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox360 releases. Though very early suggested sales figures may well be available already for the US, the UK does not yet have such luxuries. What the UK does have though, is an abundance of High Street retailers ignorant of the system rivalry altogether.

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MegaMohsi3532d ago

I refuse to believe this because why would retailers only sell 1 version of a game when they can make even more money with both versions on shelves? 3 out 8 only selling the PS3 version? I call BS on this

HDgamer3532d ago

Ignorance, fanboyism. Yes fanboyism thrives in the video game industry, Gabe Newell has shown that even in 2009. Exclusives is a different story but multiplatforms will generate tons of money.

Mindboggle3532d ago

I find this hard to believe aswell, most shops near me including supermarkets and game shops all offer both versions of Multiplatform games.

To be honest in this day and age I dont think people just walk into a supermarket and pick a game because its just there, so it wont really matter if the PS3 version is there or not. Anyone intending on buying the game will know of both versions and will know where to get it.

I think both versions will do really well.

Kushan3532d ago

Yeah I'd also call bs on this claim as well. I've never went into a store that sells games and found it to only cater to the 360 or the PS3.
In fact, this generation has been more even in terms of shelf space for the two as well. I remember back in the day, the PS2 section would be twice the size of the Xbox section, but this time they're usually more or less the same. Occasionally you get a store with maybe one extra shelf for the 360, but then across the street, you'll find another store with slightly more PS3 space.

Ahmay3532d ago

there isn't many sf4 probably because they feel killzone will be selling more... just a thought..

Kushan3532d ago

They have PLENTY of room for both. If space was an issue, they'd dump a bunch of the older titles to make room for the newer ones that are both sure to sell.

thats_just_prime3532d ago

I've seen store that carry only one version of a game on release day. Thou i tend to write this off as a screw up be it shippig or ordering or what ever. I cant remember ever seening it in one store at time.

Sitdown3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

at my local Target they did not get a single ps3 copy in. As a matter of fact, there was not even a slot for it in the case...while on the other hand, they did get 360 copies in.

IdleLeeSiuLung3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Well, I do find it hard that a retailer would ignore a large portion gamers on one platform. What I did notice in the US though was that most retailers ordered less PS3 Collector's Edition. It was almost impossible for me to find a PS3 CE in store and I got lucky to find one since somebody canceled their pre-orders. I'm suprised at this new development when retailers stop stocking CE/LE 's for non-pre-orders.

I did see a few 360 CE's in various store during my hunt. On another note, why do Europe get the cooler steelbook case of KillZone 2 and then the cooler CE of SFIV? Americans are getting shafted!

@sitdown: My Target did have some SFIV for PS3, however, I suspect most places sold out of PS3 version since they tend to order fewer. In this case the PS3 version is probably the preferred version due to the d-pad. I know, I did despite the 360 version having slightly better graphics.

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darkside3532d ago

This article suck, it has to be more specific to what countries are they count as UK?

mgirl3532d ago

The UK IS a country!

It's the diplomatic state run by the Britisg government - England, Scotland and Wales.

mgirl3532d ago

Sainsbury's don't have it on PS3 near me.

Mindboggle3532d ago

lol who buys games in sainsburys, they are about £10 more expensive then anywhere else.

Arsenal4Ever3532d ago

360 has a higher installed base in UK than the PS3 does, it is expected.

myothercar3532d ago

That didn't stop Japan stores from stocking the 360 version. I think you get my point.

Anyway, this report shows exactly what one of the big retail problems is: idiot retail employees who don't realize the PS3 exists because they're too busy playing Halo and Gears to stop and check out the other consoles' offerings. Considering they work at a store that sells games for ALL platforms, yet only pay attention to one of the platforms, they're awful employees.

Kushan3532d ago

myothercar: If there's any truth to this article (And I doubt there is, but lets assume it's correct), it's more than likely a managerial policy than simple store clerk idiocy. IF there's any truth to this, there must simply be higher profit margins on 360 games for the stores or something (Maybe Sony charges a few bucks more for the blu-ray disk? Who knows?), in other words it's not the ignorance of the store, it's the greed. Some fat cat manager worked out that a shelf of 360 games brings in maybe %4 more profit than a shelf of PS3 games or something.
That'd be my bet, but only because I don't think many stores are that "stupid".

DrWan3532d ago

for ppl who owns both system, they will be more likily to get it on the PS3 though due to the controller...player can find it.

Dark General3532d ago

In the US at least it is. I been to 3 different Gamestops and Blockbusters and they were sold out of the Ps3 version. But they had the 360 versions in spades. "Sorry we're sold out. I have no idea when we'll be getting new shipments".

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