Empire: Total War Demo Now Out On Steam

Today, Valve released the Empire: Total War demo through Steam.

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DavidMacDougall3587d ago

So many people are trying to download it, its not moving

Agent VX3586d ago

I have downloaded it, but steam is saying that it will launch in 37 minutes, WTF???

Can't wait, this is my most anticipated game for over 2 years. Total War games are by far my favorite games ever.

DavidMacDougall3586d ago

My card can run it fine but it takes ages to load in, i have 3gb of ram?

Hububla3586d ago

i thought maybe it was cuz i only have a single core but im still way above the minimum specs.. especially on ram and the vid card.. but yea mine takes forever just to load the menu.. i thought it froze on the first attempt.. and just to get back to the menu after a map takes like 3 minutes.!!! i hope they fix this before the game comes out

DavidMacDougall3586d ago

Everyone is having the same problem, its on the steam forums its something about compression i think?

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DragonWarrior465343586d ago

Agreed Agent. Ive played the demo, and its 10 times better then total war 2. You play as the red coats against the americans on a land battle, and there is a ship battle,, its freaking epic. I wonder if how this game will be reviewed. Especially since everyone is giving Gaylo Wars a 9/10. This should easily be a 10 out of 10 or more.

Gun_Senshi3586d ago

Since everyone is giving Halo Wars 9/10, this should easily be 20/10

kwyjibo3586d ago

Halo Wars is a gateway drug, this is the hard stuff.

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cpuchess3586d ago

Awesome demo, can't wait for the full version now...