2029 Official Website Online

The official website for 2029 Online, a sci-fi based MMORPG, went live today.

2029 has been in development for three years by IGG, the same company behind Galaxy Online. IGG claim 2029 will be the first MMO to combine RTS and RPG elements. It's also set to feature Fighting Vehicle technology, tightly plotted instanced dungeons and a mercenary system. Players will start off the game like many other MMOs, killing low level monsters, but will quickly cross over into PvP battlegrounds.

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Maticus3194d ago

It's a bit much to claim it's the first MMO to combine RTS and RPG...

Medievaldragon3194d ago

Gee everyone now wants a piece of World of Warcraft's pie.

Leord3194d ago

Well, WoW has a tasty pie =)

Trebius3193d ago

Your comment sounds dirty!

+Bubble to you!

AndyA3194d ago

Looks like clothes are pretty scarce in 2029.

Leord3194d ago

Literary: ROFL!

Well, not really, just in my mind.... =P

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