David Hayter back working on the Metal Gear movie? writes: David Hayter is known as the voice of Solid Snake, but his real job is writing film scripts. At the moment he is very busy writing a film script for Lost Planet and has written the script of several major films. Today in a new interview with Hayter, he talks about a possible involvement with the Metal Gear Solid movie.

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MasFlowKiller3583d ago

The Dude know his sh!t

i love X-Men 1 & 2 can he know snake almost as much as Kojima so i hope he gets to write

Kingsora3583d ago

Indeed only he is the one who can make an awesome Metal Gear movie

Last Snake3583d ago

but as voice actor

and let the script to kojima he know what to do.

Max Power3583d ago

the watchmen movie, (or one of the two)

Sarcasm3583d ago

YES, just keep Brett Ratner and Uwe Boll away from the movie

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Foxgod3583d ago

Jack Hughman, who plays Wolverine would be an excellent snake, he would be an even better Snake then a Wolverine.

Norad63583d ago

Can you butcher a name like Hugh Jackman any futher?

Kingsora3583d ago

Haha Jack Hughman, awesome :D

Kingsora3583d ago

Actually if you think about it, David Hayter could be a good snake. He has the voice and he could have the looks with some make-up and a work-out in the gym

VMAN_013583d ago

Sean Bean is defintely Liquid Snake lol

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The story is too old to be commented.