Ripten Interview: Adam Sessler on Crazy Killzone 2 Fanboys and The Cult of Exceptionalism

X-play's Adam Sessler talks to about his thoughts on Killzone 2 Fanboys, Fable 2 and how you could be part of the Cult of Exceptionalism.

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greeneggsnsam3559d ago

I wonder how long it'll be before the fanboys show up here, too. The words "Killzone 2" are in the article, after all.

Twizlex3559d ago

I'm guessing if it hits the front page, they won't be far behind.

techie3558d ago

Fanboys of all creeds and colours will enjoy this interview.

actas1233558d ago

Damn, Sessler is a real funny guy, and yeh I agree with him on most of the points that he made.

kapedkrusader3558d ago

...isn't this video post directed to the Killzone 2 Fanboys? So wouldn't that be a good thing. For some reason, your comment makes YOU come across like a fanboy.

ThanatosDMC3558d ago

::Looks at the picture::

He's a pedo! There i said it.

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Cookigaki3559d ago

Cookigaki was starting to think Ripten died and then they score interview with Sessler? Cookigaki is confused.

shysun3558d ago

Ripten is dead to me. Some one post the interview, I'm not going to their site!

JOLLY13558d ago

What did Ripten do to you? Where they mean to you in school?

s8anicslayer3558d ago

great find,but wow i forgot about ripten.

name3558d ago

Wow, there's a new story on killzone 2 fanboys every day. Why?

lokiroo4203558d ago

Theres is nothing else for 360 fanboys to talk about, certainly not 360 games anyway.

JeffGUNZ3558d ago

Sessler is right. I find it hilarious that someone give KZ2 a 5/5 and fanboys still find something to complain about. They could give the game a 10 out of 5 and sony fanboys will still call them bias.

name3558d ago

They weren't complaining about the score, they were complaining about the cheap shots on the PS3 that were completely irrelevant and contradicted even Xplay's previous reviews on PS3 games. Xplay always acts as if every good ps3 review they give is of the first and only ps3 game that's worth playing. THAT'S what people complained about, it had nothing to do with the score. Far too often the people complaining about fanboys, ARE the fanboys. You can't throw around that word to excuse everything you do, it only works on fanboys.

JeffGUNZ3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

People like you are so ignorant. Who cares if they game is exclusive or not. I would rather play a game that is multi-platform and FUN rather then an exclusive. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't a MULTI-PLATFORM game win games of the year? Also, wasn't Call of Duty 4 one of the best multiplayer games this gen? Xbox has Gears as an exclusive, which is great, but that doesn't matter. With RE 5, Operation Flashpoint 2, and CoD4MW2 coming out this year, Most 360 owners, along with PS3 and PC owners should be more then satisfied. Stop trying to start console fights. You must be real insecure to bash another system.

3558d ago
nycredude3558d ago

if your going to just rant and call people moron and act like a total fanboy yourself while calling others names I suggest you go and do it in the open zone.

For your info they are complaining about score, they are complaining about the backhanded slap to the ps3 that seems to accompany a lot of reviews lately!

JeffGUNZ3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Cry me a river. What are you talking about? KZ2 has a 9.3 metacritic score. How is that a slap? My comment was posted directly from the video, it was MY input on HIS interview. I thought it was funny how people will still complain even though it was scored a perfect 5/5. How is that being a fanboy? I think the PS3 is great and KZ2 will be great. See that fanboys? I think they ARE GREAT. I am commenting soley on that specific segment and nothing else. I don't care about morgans comment, i care about sesslers interview, which is the point of this article.

lokiroo4203558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Giving a 5/5 was not an option for them, they have to try and keep some integrity. Yeah lets pretend that Morgan's jokes were funny, nah, lets take them for what they were, their typical 360 ftw BS. Everyone just jump on the K2 train, speak positively or negatively, you will get your hits. The game has shook the gaming world and its funny when those in denial try to say otherwise. If the game is mediocre, why talk about it, why keep giving opinions and keep discussing the reactions to it. Why call people morons in response to their comments? JeffGUNZ newest member of the PP bad boys club, high five!

cereal_killa3558d ago

Jeff watch this video you dont have to watch it all but if you watch around the end Kevin P say to Adam "So you hate Sony" and with a very long pause Adam says " everyone". He could have just said No I don't hate Sony or something in the lines of all company's have there pros and cons.

hades073558d ago

He was being sarcastic, they were making fun of the whole "microsoft pays off xplay" as soon as he appeared for the segment. Do you even know what sarcasm is? If not, google it!

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