$300 Blu-ray player? Not so fast

Last Friday crave reported on a quote from TV Week that Sony President and COO Stan Glasgow said Sony had plans to cut prices on its Blu-ray players to $299 by the end of the year. Well, don't update your Christmas list just yet. According to a Sony representative, Glasgow was misquoted. What Glasgow said, apparently, was that he felt the $299 price would be the tipping point where the average consumer would start to consider buying a Blu-ray player...

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XxZxX4298d ago

They make it sound like blu-ray player wouldn't play your existing DVD.

OldSchoolGamer4298d ago

I didn't think that my buddies who work electronics were wrong, they weren't expecting a $300 blueray this year, cheapest they saw on an invoice was $499.99 and that was the ps3 lol.

kewlkat0074298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

$300 blue-ray player my @ss...

Now we can go back to that thread and laugh at all the fanboys predicting nonsense...

ben hates you4298d ago

bluray 300 ps3 price drop sony online equal to xbl bluray beatting hddvd

i don't know what to believe anymore

power of Green 4298d ago

Yah! I remember you typing that theres no way.

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