Galaxy Online Alpha Key Giveaway

The team behind Galaxy Online, the upcoming space-based free-to-play strategic MMO, has announced that people may now sign up for alpha keys in preparation for the testing which begins next week on 23 February.

All characters created in the alpha will be saved for future use.

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Maticus3559d ago

Looks like a nice little space game, and free too. Good stuff.

Leord3559d ago

Free is always nice =)

Leord3559d ago

Well, it's something to keep my hands on, waiting for the StarCraft MMO announcement =P

Fyzzu3559d ago

So many MMOs, so little time...

Dorjan3559d ago

MMO's are as easy to come by as water!

thetamer3559d ago

Why are they giving away keys when it's free? I don't get MMOs

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