Rockstar de-censors Euro GTAIV

Eurogamer writes: "Rockstar has popped out a patch that rectifies the GTAIV censorship mix-up reported yesterday

So, Europe will go back to being unchecked, while Australian content will again be toned down.

The blooper was triggered by an update for Xbox 360-exclusive DLC The Lost and Damned, which somehow swapped regional censorship rules, leaving us with bodies that refused to spurt blood and only one camera angle to watch prostitute encounters. Dammit!..."

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MattF3556d ago

They better be f*cking wrong about the Australian version being re-censored. The pc version here is uncensored with the same rating so there's no reason to censor the 360 version.

jay23556d ago

Erm, how about you just don't patch the game?

MattF3556d ago

If I didn't patch the game I wouldn't be able to play online. Its irrelevant though since this article IS wrong, the Australian version remains uncensored :).

Tiberium3555d ago

there's only get one view of the hooker. lol