Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide

EDGE: "Sony has announced that the PS3 has amassed global sales above 21 million."

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MURKERR3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

.. now lets wait and see what a price drop does


Can't say anymore really, just that a price cut will destroy a certain opposing console ;)

yoghurt3557d ago

It really is isn't it, ignoring all the fanboys about being in 3rd bla bla bla, to sell over 12 million consoles at thier peak prices is one hell of an acheivment, there is no questioning that.

Just coming up to the end of year 2 for the console (UK), with an immense line up of 1st and 3rd party games, a price drop would no doubt really get the sales rolling...

GrieverSoul3557d ago

With that price tag its really an outstanding number!
But its good value for money and I bet the ones that purchased it knew that.

Anon19743557d ago

At this point into the 360 they had yet to crack 17 million consoles sold. 21 million consoles with stiff competition from both MS and Nintendo and with the highest priced offering..quite frankly I'm surprised it's been selling this fast.

I imagine they're just a price cut away from really exploding.

eagle213557d ago

No console in HISTORY sold this many at $599, $499, and $399. Gamecube sold 21.7 lifetime sales and PS3 is already at 21.4 in only TWO years! :)

No console went through as much media naysaying and competition mud slinging at launch (since SNES vs. Genesis). But PS3 prevailed BIGTIME even winning a HD movie format war (Blu-ray) in the process!

LittleBigPlanet is the OFFICIAL Game of The Year 2008. Winning eight awards last night from the AIAS Dice Awards!

Congrats Sony. :)

StayHigh3557d ago

Yeah it all depends if Sony will do a price drop this year with all their great exclusive first party games coming out...I have a feeling Microsoft will cut down the price of their system again this year..Its the only way they can compete with the Sony..

Montrealien3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Let`s say the Ps3 drops to 200$. and the sales triple which would be amazing. It would catch up to the 360 in a year or so, and even by then it wont matter cause the Xbox would of already made it`s mark.

Knowing that all consoles are doing great and we will all have great games to play because the competition is hot means you`re a real gamer. Caring that one (might) destroy another console as if they where two robots fighting in the sky means you are...well, you know what you are, and a gamer you are not.

Gj sony, keep up the good work and keep on making great games like you have, we all win with a competitive market.

crematory3557d ago

and i'm not rich also its just my ps3 is my whole entertainment right now BR,DVD,HDVD,internet browse,mPS3 player, meeting people in home

Blademask3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Power Of Green
[email protected](power of green)
Everyone in the Media

I want to praise all of you on a really good Anti-PS3 campaign, but. It just didn't work out.. Heres to next time!

No wonder there has been so much hate, there are probably more operational PS3's in the world than 360's.

What makes that # sweeter is its without:

-Paying For Exclusive Content
-Spending Movie budgets on Advertising
-Watering down games to push more out
-Charging for Peer to Peer playing
-Not competitively priced

"buh buh buh...buh*shuffles papers* buh.. uh.. lie..d... about...4d.." Its going to be a sad day for some folks when the ps3 is priced to compete. Right now, smooth sailing w/o it.

Kill Crow3557d ago

it sold 21 million, yet continues to be outsold, which means the gap between it and the xbox360/wii is getting bigger and bigger.

Montrealien3557d ago

@eagle21 who said..

(No console in HISTORY sold this many at $599, $499, and $399. Gamecube sold 21.7 lifetime sales and PS3 is already at 21.4 in only TWO years! :))

the Atari 2600 sold 25 million consolesin North america at a 199$ from 1978-1983. you`re a smart guy, I`ll let you turn that into 2008 dollars on your own. ;D

morganfell3557d ago

Not only did Sony manage this feat, but they managed to break 20 million faster than Microsoft. They also managed to do it prior to March - something many critics (pinheads) wrote in November and December would be highly unlikely.

TheTwelve3557d ago

This number against a Microsoft headstart(can you imagine if Microsoft did not have a headstart? Now you see why Microsoft said they NEEDED to come out first), against a cheaper gimmick launching on the same day, against the media-bias which always shoots at the leader---

---Good job Sony.

Now that the Wii is being seen more and more as the gimmick that it is and now that Microsoft has shot out all of their best too early, let's see what happens in 2009.


Anon19743557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Montrealien said "the Atari 2600 sold 25 million consoles in North america at a 199$ from 1978-1983."

Ok, let's figure 2.5% inflation over about 28 years, that would put the Atari 2600 at just shy of $399 dollars in today's dollars. So the Atari 2600 was averaging about 3.5 million every year in the US and the PS3 has sold 7.8 million in the US, averaging just shy of 4 million each year in the US.

So, looks like eagle21 may be right, at least compared to the 2600.

Edit: In response to the post below. But you're taking the price at the very start of 1978 being $600. To more accurately reflect the price difference, a date in the middle of the period should be selected, or a median price over the years it was for sale. When I calculated I was using 1980 as my point. If we take the start and end date and average them, we're looking at closer to $500, which puts it in line with the PS3's launch price.

You're right though, both consoles deserve some credit. And nice find on that site. I work as a broker and that's a handy reference you've found there. I'm definitely bookmarking that site.

Montrealien3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Actually it comes to around 570$, and it was seliing in North america alone in a much much smaller market then we have today. the 2600 does deserve some credit for what it did in it`s time. And so does the Ps3 of course, but that was not my point.

Edit: it`s actually over 600$

Agent VX3557d ago

WOW, what a horrible number for Sony and the PS3, plus it is a figure they have sold to retailers, not actual customers. Sony really thought they had a winner, putting in a bluray player on their console, put a good processor mixed with a below average video card.

You think with a 5 to 1 previous customer base over MS, that they would of sold a heck of a lot more PS3's than they have. They have over 100 million PS2 users and a crowd that wants the next "DVD" format in HD, and it is consistently getting outsold by the 360.

Having problems with performance with their 3rd party titles, a 2nd rate online service in which "Home" has even made it worse. The only saving grace for Sony and the PS3 is its 1st party titles that are taking forever to get released.

Mix in the fact that the global economy is completely tanking with a depression that will last for years, it really look bad for Sony and the PS3 right now. I really don't think that Sony can rebound from this, and the PS3 will ultimately be a failure, and will never make Sony any profit.

Any fanboy saying that the PS3 has been selling like Sony wanted is a complete duffus!!! The PS3 will survive and continue to have games made for it, but if it ever climbs out of last place is the big question?

soxfan20053557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


Sony doesn't pay for exclusive content?
I guess Polyphony, Media Molecule, Guerilla Games, and other exclusive PS3 developers just make PS3 games for free out of the goodness of their hearts.

Unless a game is made by Sony itself, MS itself, or Nintendo itself, someone gets paid for exclusivity.

Anon19743557d ago

There really wasn't a single thing correct about anything you said there. That's quite a feat. Let's examine, shall we?

You say that's a terrible number because of the market share of the PS2? Sony and the PS2 still have that marketshare. Tracking agencies have still found the PS2 is the most played console by far. It hasn't gone anywhere. The PS3 numbers are in addition to the existing market share Sony has with the PS2. And if you think 21 million is horrible, you must have thought the 17 million the 360 sold in the same time frame was disaster! I'm sure if we were to look at your posts from last year we'd find you were upset with that figure, wouldn't we?

There was some concern about performance of third party ports..back in 2007. That is simply not an issue currently - even a cursory glance at Metacritic reviews shows that. The PS3 is hitting Sony's ship numbers, despite the slowdown in the economy. That isn't a secret, you just have to know how to use Google.

And finally, who on earth is saying the current depression would last years? In my country we're expecting negative growth for maybe another 4 months, and depending on which economist you listen to in the US, they should return to positive economic growth somewhere between 3rd quarter 2009 and 2nd quarter 2010.

Still, you have to admire you tenacity to come out here every day and be as wrong as you are with not a thing to back up your statements time and time again. Shows dedication to your cause, even in the face of such nasty things as reality and common sense.

morganfell3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

For KillCrow:

Notice how there are more countries than the United States? Shocking isn't it.

And if that figure is horrible for Sony, it is even worse for the 360. They sold less during the same time period and they were unopposed in the market place at launch.

eagle213557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Wikipedia. Atari 2600 launched in 1977 in America. By 1978 only 550k were sold from a 800k production. They were saved by money from Warner. The next year (79') 1 million were sold. 1980 (far from a recession) started Atari popularity more. 1980, 2 million more were sold.

PS3 is 21+million in two years with real competitors.

You should get it by now. As of 2004, 30M 2600's have sold. Europe wasn't even a huge market then. PS3 costs even more in EU!

PS3 has the fastest global sales at this price. :)

specialguest3557d ago

I don't know if you've heard the news, but TheMart is a PS3 owner now. He finally did it just for LBP. Lately, TheMart has been quiet on N4G.

king dong3557d ago

for the sony army that no longer cares about sales figures.

sony expected to destroy everyone with it's original price point, that's why they launched it at such a silly price. and in all honesty i expected it also. now all i see is the usual "oh it's amazing at the price" blah blah.

if it didn't have the words SONY and PLAYSTATION wrote on it, they would've been dead in the water. they almost were, and had to drop the price within months of launch.

i'm sorry to hurt some already hurt people on here, but selling what they've sold is no acheivement! with a decade of domination, an army of loyal fans(just check the people who post on n4g), over 200mil consoles sold to date and a brand name that is by far the biggest in the industry, they've not done anything special. and are lagging way behind their previous consoles.

sony were to over confident, and have had their wings clipped this gen.

now watch the disagrees flow...perhaps a bubble lost to. but this is n4g. the home of the hardest of hardcore sony fanboy.

Agent VX3557d ago

1st - You can spin what ever you want, the Sony brand name had over 100 million previous users, and over 2 years later, the PS3 still has only broke 20 million. You diatribe about the PS2 as the most played console has nothing to do with sales, as it is quite obvious that current PS2 owners see nothing in the PS3 that they would want. And in actual fact, Nintendo and MS have gobbled up Sony's market share at a "Alarming Rate".

Also, with the 360 selling over 18 million as the same time line, for a company that had a 5 to 1 disadvantage to Sony, that is amazing that they could even come close to selling the same as a PS3. Wow, from 5 to 1 and change it to 1 to 1, complete victory for MS, no questions asked.

2nd - 3rd party ports, after 2 years just getting on even grounds with the 360 is atrocious for a console that Sony touts as way powerful than it's competitors. Not only that, Sony is still struggling hard with 3rd party titles and online, it sure shows Sony has a long long way to go to fix their broken online service.

3rd - Sorry sport, I don't argue with someone who is obviously complete devoid of any political or economic knowledge. I can tell you obviously get the "Hoe Down" on your politics or economics on CNN of Fox News, rotflol!!!

If your country is the USA, then your economic growth will have the usual ups and downs, with downs being the majority theme for many years. The USA is faltering on economic collapse, and it is not "If" it will happen, it is "When" it will happen.

But I have had this argument since 2001, and it is hopeless as arguing about religion. Regardless of your obvious poor choice of "who" you listen too, the economy is hurting bad, and being priced the most expensive, the PS3 is in the worst position.

Nice try, but your response has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Good day sport!!!

Montrealien3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

so eagle21, I see wikipedia is now a valid source. remember railling me on wikipedia refrences a few months back? welcome to the hypocrites club.

btw, you clearly missed my point since you are, and always will be, an (enthusiats) and care only that one console wins. You want Sony to Have sold more at that price point cause you got sony underwear and sony bed sheets. I want them all to do well which is why I embrace this great news form sony and for that fact alone I will always be ahead of you champ. Don`t ever forget that.

eagle213557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

@montrealien... you are just jealous of me!

Wikipedia..Atari 2600 sales (click on the footnotes if you wish "champ")

1977-1978 550k
79' 1M
80' 2M
81' 4M
82' 8M

Around 16M in first 5 yrs. Go READ a book or something. Go and find EU and Australian PS3 prices and get owned even more.

Montrealien3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Im right here!


And you calling someone ignorant is like the pot calling the kettle black. I`m just happy that you have accepted wikipedia as being a good reference sometimes, you know, since anyone can edit it as you said before.

Keep on ignoring the point and let your google searching continue. It will keep you busy, I`ll go play some Killzone 2 now, have a good one. :P And I`m not jealous of you, however I do envy Bliss, and ignorance is Bliss.

Work PSN: Microplay 21
Home PSN : Montrealien

@eagle21 below

so I may have exagerated my estimates, and I am truly sorry abourt that however concidering the era and the size of the market at the time, it was still good for them. But once again, it was not my main point, just a little jab and the great eagle 21, sony (enthusiats) extraordinaire. Still does not change the fact that I`m a gamer that loves consoles and you are just another N4G (enthusiast), with a 10 C ranking, which is scary.

eagle213557d ago

You just got owned that's all, PS3 EU and Australian prices are sky high. Atari sold around 3M at US $199 in the timespan PS3 sold 21M+ at worldwide prices inflation can't even rival.

cayal3557d ago

2 things

1. People are oddly happy about how many consoles are sold. You only need one.

2. You can smell fanboy on AgentVX, and he is definitely scared.

bpac1234567893557d ago

THis is great news, guess the ps3 isn't dead after all, like everyone want's you to believe.

-Oh Yeah, there's no way i'm clicking on any link that goes to the Edge website. I've come to relize there not biased against the ps3 or 360 there just terrible and untrustworthy journalists and reviewers.

TradingWarStories3556d ago

I've even convinced 3 family members to get it and one has two! :P... My xbox is collecting dust in a bag(It RROD'd).. I just want the game's to come out so I can enjoy them all :D

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PS360WII3557d ago

Very nice and all but are they going to announce every new million they sold?

Aquanox3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

NPD is giving Sony a tough PR times, so each time they reach a million is a good excuse to "brag" about it, just because they don't have to compare it to what Microsoft did in the same period - which was much more by the way -

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide
Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide
Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide
Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide
Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide

SUCK ON THAT!!! xBots + + 99% of the internet Haters!!!
2/3 Years of your little pathetic lives WASTED!!! ;-D
That makes me HAPPY;)

Anon19743557d ago

The 360 by this point had yet to crack 17 million consoles. The PS3 has been selling almost 25% faster worldwide than the 360 ever did. NPD numbers don't show that because they only focus on one region.

Ok, really I didn't hate to disagree with you. Kinda liked it, actually.

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Zeus Lee3557d ago

Amazing,"Ps3 is doomed" seems like the official Ps3 haters anthem now.

With another price cut,I expect Ps3 sales to soar even higher.

Montrealien3557d ago

yeah, and good thing Ps3 haters and 360 haters are nothing but a small vocal minority in the actual gaming market, cause if they where not, we would all be doomed.

no-spin3557d ago

will rip the head off from the 360
Pure and simple costumers are not stupid droids that can be manipulated with massive marketing.
PS3 now is in its way to a successful 10 year cycle and making haters suffer, which makes me even happier
For me it was the perfect accessory for my HDTV, which i enjoy everyday

Montrealien3557d ago

(costumers are not stupid droids that can be manipulated with massive marketing)

That is a very bold claim. But you clearly care a little to much about this. You can`t deny that having a few consoles doing well and competing can make it better for all of us.

soxfan20053557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


Look at your comments - you're the hater!
Why are you so insecure about PS3 that you have to make statements like that - isn't PS3 good enough to stand on it's own merits? Judging from your comments, as well as some other comments about this article, apparently not.


"rip the head off 360" - If you are a gamer, why do you care what happens to the opposing console?

"stupid droids being manipulated" - goes beyond extreme fanboyism. I play my games because I like them, not because anyone has manipulated me.
360 haters just can't admit that the 360 has been a success. I could not care less how many PS3's are sold - it has NO effect on my enjoyment of my games.
I cannot recall any of your other posts, so maybe you are generally fair. But, your "droids" remark was pretty insulting, and that is why I felt compelled to respond. Anyway, no hard feelings - good day.

no-spin3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

are my comments history based on bashing the 360? nope
most of my comments are against blind trolls that say the RROD is fiction, the PS3 is a failure, MS is great because they extended the warranty and therefore the 360 is a godsend piece of hardware.
I dont start my post with false statements, and by your comment i may say you are mad because the PS3 is a success and the media hate failed to stop it.
if you feel bad about it, your loss
if you really saw my comment history, you will see that i have no problem praising the 360 when merit is due
Be a gamer not a hater

by saying costumers are NOT stupid droids i qualify as an extreme fanboy? explain please.
My stand is very clear in my post history: i like the 360 but i Prefer by a long shot the PS3, is that being a fanboy? of course not
just like vista, MS strategy is based on marketing mostly which is non productive.
the PS3 selling 21 million with such poor advertisement and media hate towards it (like cnn money) shows that consumers will buy what is good based on the product and not the desperate marketing.
im not a extreme fanboy, i just prefer th PS3 (and PS2 + PSP)
is that wrong???

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Sangria3557d ago

So VGchartz are wrong of 5 millions PSP?
Let's hope a price cut for the PS3, this is the only thing the console need (with a packed-in headset).

sack_boi3557d ago

That's great news! This means we'll see more games from developers because of the huge install base.